Sun Enters Scorpio – Know how beneficial will this transit be!

ariesAries: The Sun is going to enter in to Scorpio sign on 16 November at 6.17 am, to join Mercury and Saturn there. Scorpio, which is the sign of friendly planet Mars, is eighth sign of our natural zodiac. Since the Sun, Mercury and Saturn will be transiting together in this sign, unwanted hurdles at place of work are possible to arise. Family problems may also appear for the natives of Aries Moon sign. Financial transactions should be dealt with utmost care as pressure of sudden expenditure might come your way without prior notice. They may suffer from stomach pain. So, take care about food intake during this transit period.


TaurusTaurus: The Sun is moving in the 7th house of social reputation for the Taurus Moon sign natives. People of this Moon sign are very much practical, independent thinker and artistic by nature. Significant improvement in social reputation is seen with them as a result of this transit. The Sun, Mercury & Saturn are placed in ‘Yoga Kaarak’ condition during this transit, so it will be a good time to take decision related to business matters or legal pursuits. Employees should be careful while interacting with higher officials. It will be a good time for travelling long distance.


geminiGemini: The Sun is entering in the 6th house of competition and opponents for Gemini Moon sign people. Your sign lord Mercury will also be there with the slowest moving planet Saturn to create difficulties. You should exercise precaution about your health also. Avoid oily stuffs and junk foods to stay fit and fine. Father and son relation may get stuck into an uncomfortable condition. Try to maintain a very cordial relation with your family members. Slight development in disputed matters is seen. Exulted Mars is forming a ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ in Capricorn sign and Saturn is forming a ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ in Scorpio sign to give you unexpected favour from authorities. Other than that there is a rashi exchange yog also between Mars and Saturn to confer smooth running of professional as well as personal affairs. Try to behave cordially with your siblings, elder or younger ones, to avoid tiff in relationship.


cancerCancer: The Sun is going to enter into 5th house for the natives of Cancer Moon sign. Signing of agreement papers and important documents should be done very carefully during this transit period. Love life might not keep you in a very much happy mood during this period. Take special care about educational matters of your children. Physical health might get affected as digestive system might create trouble for you. Native may face financial pressure also. Long distance journey is possible for family reason and you will enjoy it to the core of your heart. Progress will be satisfactory at work front. If you don’t let your efforts affect, nothing can stop you from achieving promotion and wide fame during this transit period.


leoLeo: Your sign lord, the Sun, is moving to 4th house to join Mercury and Saturn there to offer auspicious results. Leo Moon sign natives might start halted projects afresh in their professional front and personal life will also become comfortable during this transit period. Employees should be careful while dealing with highly placed officials of management. Those who are maintaining cordial relationship with the influential members of management can expect promotion also. And those, who do not, may experience hurdles in their jobs. Children are likely to get benefit from their father. If any dispute like situation is going on from the recent past time, then try your best to get it sorted out during this transit period to take a sigh of relief.


virgoVirgo: The Sun is going to enter into 3rd house of Virgo Moon sign people. They will remain courageous, active and supportive towards everyone around. Their aim will be fulfilled and financially they will get significant benefit. On the whole, it will be a very good transit. This transit is especially good for writers, educational institutions for their dealings with public. You will communicate a lot. People will like talking to you. You will enjoy inspirational conversations. Your will power and courage will increase manifold. Efforts will witness new energy. Luck might create a bit trouble, but your abilities and working skills will tackle all these issues easily. You might undertake or accomplish new and major deals. Short distance journey is also possible during this transit phase of the Sun.


libraLibra: The Sun is moving to 2nd house for Libra Moon sign people. They might remain disturbed because of family related matters. They should be careful while talking with family members and friends. But the professional and financial matters will get a boost. It is suggested to get involved in new projects to yield substantial profit. This transit might cause pain in your eyes. Migraine is also possible with a few of Libra natives. You might receive attractive gift or money from siblings. You might spend on gold or other expensive items. Conflict of ideas or ideologies is possible with senior members of families.


ScorpionScorpio: Transit of the Sun through your sign will bring spectacular results of your past efforts done in the professional front. Being the ruler of house of profession for Scorpio people, presence of the Sun in your sign makes it more assertive and productive result giving transit for you. Association of Mercury and Saturn with the Sun is indicating all round success in the ventures undertaken during this transit phase. Investments can be done in large scale during this period. Transparency in your behaviour with relatives will fetch respect from them. In the matters of heart, you may experience closeness and proximity with your loved one to feel adored.


sagittariusSagittarius: The Sun is entering to 12th house of expenditure for the natives of Sagittarius Moon sign. The Sun will travel in the constellations of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury during this transit. You will be victorious in the battlefield. You will be able to earn wealth through journeys, hence, profits are assured. Don’t let disappointments affect your good spirit and don’t put a stop on your sincere efforts. Tuning among family members might reduce to create worries for you. Love life might upset you. Expenses will increase and you won’t be able to focus on the right thing. You may waste your money on undesirable purposes.


capriconCapricorn: Entrance of the Sun, in the 11th house of gains for Capricorn Moon sign natives will remain assertive for you. Presence of Mercury and your sign lord Saturn there is indicating possibility of multiple gains for your delight. You will become wealthy and happy from your mind. You will have command over many persons that means, you will achieve high status. This transit will be very helpful to accumulate wealth. You might be without servants. You should stick to your words and will become successful in your ventures. The native may acquire huge amount of wealth from the king (Government) and possess many kinds of wealth. You will destroy his enemies by his valour but will be unhappy in the matters of children. You may suffer from some kind of fever and will have cordial relations with his employees. As because the Sun is with Saturn, malefic planet by nature, you may incur lot of expenditures and will stay without any conveyance.


aquariusAquarius: Moving to the 10th house of profession, the Sun will assure very good success in your professional front, will remain unconquered and will be noble and will attain high status. You will be wise, wealthy, powerful and of good reputation. You will perform pious deeds also, will be very brave and valorous and earn good social status. There will also be some obstructions in your professional career but you should avoid indulging in undue actions at any cost. Staying away from undesirable conducts, immoral people and sinful acts will provide you powerful position in the society.

Venus in Scorpio AD

piscesPisces: The Sun is entering in the 9th house of luck for Pisces Moon sign people. This transit will make you religious-minded because most religious planet Saturn is also present there with Mercury. The native’s father will be long lived. You will also become very wealthy, will take interest in performing various religious rites, meditation and will become devoted to the preceptor and God. It will give remarkable benefit to you and to your father as well. You will get opportunities to move forward in life. You will make friends from distant places. Money will come from more than one source, and if not, you may acquire abundant wealth during this transit. This wealth can be in the form of name and fame as well. Personal life looks good. You will stay away from evil persons, as you might be mentally worried for some reason or the other.

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