Rising of Retrograde Mercury in the East Can Change Your Business Situation

Rising of Retrograde Mercury in the east can change your business situation

Retrograde Mercury is going to rise in the east, on the 3rd of March 2020, at 06.57 am, to become powerful, again, in the sky.

Support from family members, an increase in educational qualifications,

and all are expected to come to them as a result of this transit.

For the natives of the Libra Moon sign, it is going to be a very auspicious transit

to reduce the obstacles and give satisfactory results of their efforts.

Association with the Sun will be there with Retrograde Mercury, till 14th of this month, to help them to sort out complicated issues amicably.

Those who are born with the Capricorn Moon signs are expected to experience

good changes in their family front and financial matters are seen emerging with sound prospects.

Ongoing problems are likely to get solved amicably after the 22nd of this month when

Mars will enter into their sign, to become the most powerful in the sky.

In the case of Aquarius Moon sign people, this transit is happening in this sign,

during the entire March, that could widen the possibilities of earning money for their delight.

Long term relationship with potentially sound business associates will come to the fore to let them grow more.

So, this transit is going to be a unique one, to offer wide prospects and new avenues to help them grow and shine.

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