Retrogression of Venus in Pisces: Is it indicating malefic influence?

Retrogression of Venus in PiscesExulted Venus will assume retrograde motion on 4 March 2017 at 14.38 pm to stay in Pisces sign for four months and four days which is an unusually long period of time as Venus normally spends just 28 days in a sign to cross 30 degree of span of the Rashi. Recently, Venus had entered into Pisces sign on 27 January 2017 to become the most powerful planet which is often referred to as “exulted” in astrological terms. But, assumption of retrograde motion by Venus is not considered to be an auspicious ocurrence in the Cosmic Council of Planets in the Zodiac. While travelling through retrograde motion, an exulted planet behave like a debilitated one and loses its auspiciousness and power, becoming powerless and somehow, negative.

Venus rules over art, luxury, comfort and happiness, in general. Service industry, entertainment world, cosmetics, jewellery, artefacts are the governing areas of Venus. Being a feminine planet and Venus denotes females. When Venus was entering into Pisces sign at 20.18 pm on 27 January 2017, Leo ascendant was rising in the eastern horizon and Rahu was present in Leo itself. Aggressive planet Mars was already present there in Pisces sign and Venus joined Mars in the eighth house of the transit chart, denoting negative influences for us, in general. Although, the most auspicious planet of the zodiac, Jupiter, is aspecting His own sign Pisces directly from Virgo by His seventh aspect, but it will not be that much effective because after transiting to Sagittarius sign on 26 January, Saturn is throwing His tenth aspect on Jupiter to minimise the auspiciousness of Jupiter. The tenth aspect of Saturn is considered as the most inauspicious aspect of Saturn.

The placement of Rahu in Leo sign, which is ruled by the Sun, the top most enemy of Rahu, is again not indicating anything assertive about this transit. It foretells about violence and negative incidents involving ladies and girls. Moreover, Jupiter is also going to assume retrograde motion on 6 February 2017 at 12.17 pm, to make it further inauspicious. From 4 March to 15 April, when Venus will also become retrograde, the situation might worsen to add to the woes of people. Precautionary measures should be exercised by one and all to avoid negative effects of this transit. People should remain cautious while travelling alone, especially at night and during late night hours. Carrying valuable items without proper security measures and arrangements should be avoided to minimise risk factor.

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