Retrograde Mars enters Aries Improvement in professional life, X ways to leverage this time

It is known that Earth has a smaller orbit in comparison to Mars.So, in the amount of time that Earth completes two rounds, in its oval orbit, it takes Mars almost the same time to complete one orbit.

After every 26 months, Earth overtakesMars.As the Earth moves pastMars, it creates an illusion, from Earth, that Mars is moving backwards or is in RETROGRADE motion.

This phenomenon is very important in both WESTERN & VEDIC astrology as it gives a different message and hidden meaning for each person of various ascendants and zodiac signs. Let us see what MARS will bring to a variety ofpeople, in their professional lives, while being RETROGRADE in its own FIRE sign ARIES, on 9th September 2020.

ARIES/SCORPIO ascendant or MOON sign:

Your profession consists of a lot of competition and hard work and this RETRO motion of Mars is happening in your sign (ARIES). So, people working in medical field, fire fighters, army, police and law enforcement must take a lot of care in dealing with this situation as currently there is a lot of stress in these areas. You will be given a chance to complete your duties which have been left incomplete for some reason. You have to give your best to the society, country and humanity.

TAURUS/LIBRA ascendant or MOON sign:

Venus is lord of these signs and right now Venus is situated in the 4th house from RETRO Mars.So, it is very clear that those who belong to the FILM, GLAMOURWORLD, GEMS AND JEWELERY, MUSIC INDUSTRY are going to face a lot of difficulties and challenges as MARS is looking to its debilitated sign Cancer from his 4th aspect, where Venus is situated. Expect a lot of action and ups and downs.Watch all your actions and take astrological guidance to overcome this situation.


All those working in MARKETING, SALES, JOURNALISM, PUBLISHING, ADVOCATE, BANKERS and SERVICE SECTOR are going to be tested by “TIME” as they will have to complete their targets and achieve what seems impossible in current times.They will all have to work very hard to cope up with the situation. New projects and work will not come to you easily and you should put in all your energy into completing old projects.

CANCER ascendant or MOON sign:

As Cancer is a MARS debilitated sign,you will face and have to deal with the maximum challenges. BUILDERS,CAR DEALERS, OLD SALE PURCHASE INDUSTRY, LOGISTIC and people in the WATER or LIQUID industry are under the radar of government policies and will feel a lot of stress because of LAW & RULES making it almost impossible to work in this situation.

LEO ascendant or MOON sign:

Trine position of SUN situated in his own house LEO from MARS is a positive sign for those who are in the field of POLITICS, GOVERNMENT SERVICE, CEO & head of INSTITUTES.This RETRO motion of Mars will not affect them adversely, but they will have to implement and carry forward all policies made or laid down by government and its institutes.

SAGITTARIUS/PISCES ascendant or MOON sign:

You will also benefit from being 9th or having Trine position from MARS (Sagittarius), PISCES is 12th from MARS. People working in UNIVERSITY, RELIGIOUS PLACES, TOUR &TRAVELS, COACHING INDUSTRY, MEDICINE, ASYLUM, JAIL and RESEARCH INDUSTRY will be affected by this motion of MARS.They have to be patient as it is not time for them to do something new. A lot of leftover work is pending that they have to complete.Unnecessary expenses are seen in this period so take a lot of care.Money saved right now will help you a lot in future.

CAPRICORN/AQUARIUS ascendant or MOON sign:

Saturn being the ruler of these signs is itself in RETRO motion right now and these signs are 10th and 11th from RETRO MARS. So, professionals will not get results from their work,under this movement.People working in AERONAUTICS, AVIATION, METAL& CHEMICAL, LEATHER, MARKETING, NETWORKING, MULTI LABEL MARKETING are going to feel resistance in their work as things will go slow and will not be accomplished in the manner they want them to. So it would be best to stay calm and introspect before taking any decisions relating to your profession.

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