“Retrograde jupiter in Sagittarius expect expenses to increase; find out what elseto expect during this period”


Devguru brahspati (Jupiter) right now is in his own “Mooltrikone” sign Sagittarius and will continue to be there, in retrograde motion, till 13th September. Jupiter will become direct (Margi) on 13th September. Let’s see what Devguru teaches all of us in his “RETRO “motion, the hat is “DHANU”, regarding expenses and other areas of life.

As told in our Shastras, “JUPITER” is the prime significator (KARAKA) of progeny, wealth, money, wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual progress. So, in its retrograde motion, Jupiter will bring different events in the lives of people of different ZODIAC signs as given below.

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For Aries sign, Jupiter situated in the 9th house of “dharma “ and as Jupiter is in “retro “or “vakri” motion, the universe has given you one more chance to review, re-assess, and revise your life and go back to complete your duties which you have been unable to complete for some reason. If there is something incomplete regarding your duty towards your father or your destiny and luck, you must pause and complete it. It advised fulfilling your “karmas” towards dharma, father, guru, and teacher. “You must donate small religious books to devotees in temple premises to fulfill all your desires”




You have to be very careful while lending(giving) money to anyone like this “RETRO” position of Jupiter will not facilitate the return of your money. So invest wisely in any project or proposal. Healthwise you may be prone to back pain, piles, and sexually transmitted diseases.        Doing “Abhishek” of Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice will bestow you with happiness.



Your life partner/spouse as well as your business associate or professional partner will not be able to understand your point of view and will take you for granted even though you may be right. As this Jupiter transit is making them (wife and business partners) disagreeable, you should try to understand this situation, so that you can find the best way to cope up with it. Urinary tract infection may bother you right now. Take care of the health of your life partner. “Donating Yellow flower, fruits, clothes, food, and grains will help you overcome this situation”



You may have concerns about the education of your children. You will make expenses on your children, lover, grandparents, and attracted to the speculation business. Try to avoid any type of speculation like lottery,mcx, share trading as you will only encounter losses on these accounts. Healthwise: Don’t eat food outside the house as you may be prone to food poisoning along with trouble in the abdomen. “Anjanaye” or “hanuman” worship will help you overcome these issues.



RETROGRADE JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS (AUGUST) Debt and loan will be a major problem for you. Bank and recovery people may give you trouble. Arrange money from elders in your family by telling them the reality about your financial situation. Enlargement of the liver (fatty liver) is the major concern during this time, along with your sugar level. So, take proper care. “Offering DURVA grass and MODAK to GANPATI for 42 days will bestow his blessings on you”



The time has come to complete reconstruction work in your home. Don’t forget to renew your vehicle and personal insurance policy. Take care of your mother’s happiness and get the pending registry of properties done as money is going to be spent on this account. Proper care of chest and lungs, for infection, is to take. “Bring GANAPATI to your home in the coming days is the only remedy”. https://bit.ly/StarsTell-Virgo-Life-Report


Complete any pending correspondence regarding a job, business, or meeting. Otherwise, you may have trouble afterward.  The money will be spent on your own project. Frozen shoulder will trouble you. You may make expenses on younger siblings. “Donate grains to someone needy (up to at least 10% of your total body weight)”.



Excess expenditure in the past will now give you a lot of trouble. Be careful and make efforts to save your bank balance and accumulated wealth.  You have to seriously evaluate your resources and finance. Any problem with your eyes should be taken seriously.  “Prayers made to your “KULDEVTA” or “DEVI” will remove all obstacles”.



You have to come out of your comfort zone now. Without hard work, you are not going to get anything. Over time you have become lethargic and may have gained weight. Doing yoga and exercising will help you to gain energy to work and earn, in this situation.  “VISHNUSHASTRANAM” path for at least 11 days, at a fixed time, will help you” https://bit.ly/StarsTell-Sagittarius-Life-Report


This transit of Jupiter is not good for Capricorn persons, in general, as expenses on medicine, health, disease, and litigation along with disputes are seen, right now. Sleeplessness and blame for extra-marital affairs should be dealt with properly. “Reciting 12 names of SHIVA DWADASH JYOTIRLINGA can only save you



Unfinished work in your business and friends circle should be completed, in this period. Promises made by you, to your clients, which were not fulfilled by you, because of current covid conditions, are now to be completed. Any dispute with your elder brother will get resolved.    “Praying in front of “RAMDARBAR” and supporting in RAM Mandir Nirman in any way will provide satisfaction to your soul” https://bit.ly/StarsTell-Aquarius-Life-Report


You must complete your duties at work as due to negligence they have been left unfinished. You have to redo your project and finish it as your superior may not give you another chance. So, this is your last and final opportunity to prove yourself. Knees and bones are going to trouble you so take care and reduce your body weight.


Dear Readers, this is a brief interpretation of the impact of RETRO JUPITER on all the zodiac signs. This article gives you the insight to help you make choices as per your own sign.

We, at “STARSTELL.COM”, are always available for any further discussion about your personal horoscope and to resolve your difficulties.


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