Newzealand Vs Srilanka

Match 3: Newzealand Vs Srilanka

आज का मैच न्यूजीलैण्ड/ श्री लंका के बीच Sophia Gardens, Cardiff में खेला जाना है । दोनों ही टीमों को विश्वकप में खेलने का अच्छा अनुभव रहा है इसलिये हर जीत का…

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West Indies vs Pakistan, Second Cricket Match 2019 Prediction :

आज का मैच वेस्ट इण्डीज पाकिस्तान के बीच trent bridge nottingham में खेला जाना है । दोनों ही टीमो के पूर्व मे प्रदर्शन की यदि बात की जाय तो बहुत…

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England v South Africa first cricket match

England vs South Africa Cricket Match Prediction

आज (30th may, 2019) का मैच इंगलैण्ड / साउथ अफ़्रीका के बीच kennington ovel london में खेला जाना है । दोनों ही टीमो के पूर्व मे प्रदर्शन की यदि बात…

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Entrance of Venus into Aries Sign on 10 May is Sounding an Alert for Aries and Libra Moon Sign People! Stay Alert in Money Matters

Venus is coming out of Her most powerful state of exultation, to enter into Aries sign, to join the Sun and Mercury there. The Sun is there, in His exulted…

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Know the Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

“Akshay Tritiya” is one of the very highly auspicious ‘Swayam Siddh Muhurt’ that is most appropriately suitable for conducting any auspicious religious functions and spiritual actions. In some parts of…

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What is The Effects of Mars in Moving Gemini 2019 ?

Energetic planet Mars will enter into Gemini sign, to join Rahu, on 7th of May 2019, at 06.53 am, to become a bit weak as Gemini sign is ruled by…

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