Monthly Horoscope April 2024 – Read Horoscope for all 12 Zodiac Signs

It’s time to see what the stars say about April 2024. Our expert astrologers have written your monthly horoscope April with predictions for all the Moon Signs (Rashi). As per Vedic astrology, the moon sign is an indicator of your true self and is given primary importance over the sun sign. With the beginning of a new month, it is again time to reflect and analyse. Let us improve on your weaknesses and grab the opportunities that lie ahead. Monthly predictions are a great starting point to prepare for the month ahead. Let’s see the monthly horoscope April for the 12 moon signs!

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Aries April Horoscope:

Valentine Day AriesYour sign lord Mars is creating ‘Dhan Yog’ in the Aquarius sign, till the 23rd of April, indicating an upper hand in money matters. Monthly horoscope April indicates a combust state of retrograde Mercury, in Aries sign, from the 4th of April, may reduce the intensity of your struggles, to an extent, for your relief.

The Sun will change signs on the 13th of April and enter into your sign to become exulted, possessing a very powerful state, creating a strong ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, and helping you to access large favour from people in authority. In addition to this, the presence of Jupiter in your sign is also creating another powerful ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, to fetch great support from Lady Luck.

You should mind your words while interacting with senior people as the exulted Sun will accompany Jupiter which may increase the piousness in and around. Show your affection towards close family members to let them feel the warmth of your heart.

Mars will be in your expenditures house, from the 20th of this month, creating ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ and ensuring a blessing in disguise, for your benefit. Entry of Venus in your sign on the 24th of April is going to create ‘TeenGrahee Yog’, which is showing an increase in your popularity, to alter the existing equations of your life.

Taurus April Horoscope:

Taurus Horoscope 2022Your ruling planet Venus is exulted in Pisces sign, till the 24th of this month, to offer you the best results everywhere. This placement of Venus is creating a powerful ‘Dhan Yog’ to shower you with financial bliss and offer you a free hand in money matters. The Sun and Rahu are already present there in the Pisces sign suggesting you exercise caution while handling sensitive family issues.

Mars and Saturn are together in your tenth house of career till the 20th of this month, which will spell professional success for you. Expected payments and funds en route, may arrive on its own to end your financial tension.

On 13th April, the transit of the Sun into your twelfth house, in His exultation sign Aries, can brew more expenses that may refuse to fit into your budget, for your discomfort. Your April Horoscope says Mercury will change motion on the 25th of April, in His debilitation sign Pisces, suggesting you take note of reality before jumping to conclusions.

Try to cement the gap(s) in your relationships to ensure harmony and bliss. On the 24th of April, the association of four planets in your eleventh house of gains is capable of opening up new avenues in front of you, to ease out your nerves, successfully.

Gemini April Horoscope:

Gemini HoroscopeMonthly horoscope April predicts a hectic time for you as your sign lord Mercury is seen changing motion, sign as well as becoming combust for 15 days, during this month. The association of Jupiter and Mercury in the Aries sign will create ‘Dhan Yog’, till the 9th of this month, to bring you financial bliss and make you happy. 

Transit of your fifth house lord Venus through the Pisces sign, in the tenth house of your professional career, will create a powerful ‘Raaj Yog’ to fetch potentially lucrative contacts. But Rahu is there with the Sun and exulted Venus, to advise you to exercise caution, while handling sensitive issues, in your arena of work.

When Mars changes sign and enters into watery sign Pisces, on the 23rd of April, you should avoid overconfidence. Then, the combustion of Venus in Aries, on the 24th of April, will make Her weak and suggest you take care of the equations of your life.

Another assertive point for you to stay blessed is the presence of Saturn in your ninth house of luck, during this entire month, to help you to fetch support from Lady Luck and shine brighter. About financial matters, you should try to control your impulsive tendencies, to reduce the risks of any kind.

Cancer April Horoscope:

Cancer HoroscopeThe combust condition of retrograde Mercury, from the 4th of this month, is asking you to check the reality of things in front of you, to stay safe. April horoscope shows that your income house lord Venus is exulted in Pisces sign, till the 24th of April, to bless you with great support from Lady Luck, creating a perfect balance in your financial sector to offer you peace of mind. 

The Sun will enter into His exultation sign Aries on the 13th of this month, to join Jupiter and advise you to make bold decisions thoughtfully. Venus will join them on the 24th of April, creating a rare association of three planets, for your benefit. The most auspicious planet for your sign Mars is placed there in Aquarius sign, along with Saturn, till the 23rd of April, to open up avenues for studies abroad.

A whole new scenario of power and authoritative position may appear in front of you during this month, to elevate your social status. Take calculated risks now to reap the benefit of them later. The presence of Mars in Pisces sign is going to create an ‘Exchange Yog’ with Jupiter, helping you to extract concrete results from the existing set-up of your social as well as professional ventures.

Leo April Horoscope:

Valentine’s Day LeoAs per the monthly horoscope April, your sign lord the Sun is going to enter into Aries sign on the 13th of this month to become exulted, which means most powerful, and provide you unlimited support from Lady Luck. Jupiter is already there in the Aries sign to suggest you avoid overconfidence.

The best planet for your sign Mars is ideally placed there in your seventh house of social repute, in the airy sign Aquarius, along with Saturn, to offer you financial growth, leaving your monetary discomforts behind on your way to success. The transit of Mars into Pisces sign, on the 23rd of April, will create an ‘Exchange Yog’ with Jupiter, to boost your prospects on the career front.

Your fifth house lord Jupiter is occupying the Aries sign, during the entire April, to create rare ‘TeenGrahee Yog’ when Venus will join them, giving you a few auspicious developments. Show your abilities to guide people properly in the right direction and define success as per your norms.

The divine aspect of Jupiter on your sign can invite auspicious vibes, in and around, to bless you with peace of mind. While transiting through a combust state, from 4th April to 19th April, retrograde Mercury is sounding an alarm for you, suggesting you pick your cards thoughtfully.

Virgo April Horoscope:

Valentine Day VirgoYour ruling planet Mercury is assuming retrograde motion in Aries sign from the 2nd of this month, to increase your upper hand and to help you win over your rivals and ensure your journey towards success. The April horoscope says if any dispute type of situation is going on with you, then, take proper precautionary measures to protect your interests. 

On the 13th of April, the entry of the Sun, into His exultation sign Aries, will create ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’, to offer you blessings in disguise in some or the other form. The combust state of your sign lord Mercury, from the 4th of April, is suggesting you take important decisions with caution.

Mars is presently in Aquarius sign, to create another ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’, to offer golden opportunities to grow and allow you to prosper significantly. The most auspicious planet of your sign Venus is going to slip into combustion, on the 24th of this month, suggesting you manage your finances more precisely and adjust your senses according to the need of time. 

Mercury will start moving via direct motion, from the 25th of April, to change the equation on your professional front, bringing you brighter days and making you happy from within.

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Libra April Horoscope:

Valentine Day Libra

Transit of Venus via Her exultation sign Pisces, till the 24th of this month, will create an auspicious ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ for you, to bring the troubled scenario under your control and restore your confidence level. Because of being the lord of the seventh house of social repute and occupying the fifth house of talents, Mars will be creating ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’ for your advantage.

However, the combust state of retrograde Mercury, after the 4th of April, is asking you to keep your windows open and make decisions with caution. Anyway, as per your monthly horoscope April, your health status is on alert because the sixth house represents our health, and Jupiter is placed in the Aries sign, influencing your sign directly from there.

The association of three planets in Pisces sign is about to increase your demands in your known circle, to make you delighted. Your ‘Yoga Kaarak’ planet Saturn is ideally occupying the fifth house of talents in His ‘MoolTrikona’ sign Aquarius, to bless you with better opportunities to bring brighter days ahead.

On the 13th of April, the transit of the Sun, into His exultation sign Aries, will create a better scenario in your social standings. The combustion of Venus on the 24th of this month is not an auspicious transit happening in the sky, to take care of your emotional equations with diplomacy.

Scorpio April Horoscope:

Valentine Day ScorpioCombustion of retrograde Mercury, from the 4th of this month, is asking you to observe the whole scenario from a different perspective to get the right picture. Your sign lord Mars is associated with Saturn in the fourth house of comforts, providing you the best kind of comforts, to enjoy the most. Deals in properties and association with influential persons are very much on the cards during this month for you, to grow leaps and bounds.

The Sun, exulted Venus, and Rahu are influencing your eleventh house of gains, to extract financial benefits, much more than your expectations. The presence of Jupiter in your sixth house, in the fiery sign Aries, is sure to increase your professional responsibilities, to make your schedule busier, during this month.

You are, however, advised to avoid arrogance and overconfidence to make things happen in an assertive plane. Placement of Ketu in your income house may give you some kind of blurred picture of your financial equation.

According to the April horoscope, the Sun will change His sign to enter into your sixth house of competitions, on the 13th of April, to remove the obstacles from your way toward professional success.

In addition to this, association of Jupiter with your career house lord exulted Sun, in fiery sign Aries, will be a saving factor to protect you from any uncomfortable situations. Your competitors are seen to stay far behind you, to give you the feeling of a winner. In your emotional relationships, you are advised to go practically to carry it on.

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Sagittarius April Horoscope:

Valentine Day SagittariusYour sign lord Jupiter is now occupying fiery sign Aries, in your fifth house of talents, creating a strong ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’, that could write your success story in the language of prosperity and affluence. Association of Mars and Saturn in your efforts house, in Aquarius sign, is reconfirming the possibility of this. Till the 13th of this month, the Sun will be there in your fourth house, to create ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ and give you splendid results.

As per the monthly horoscope April, an increase in your revenue generation is very much possible after the 13th of April, when the exulted Sun would aspect your income house. ‘Exchange Yog’ will be created by your ruling planet Jupiter and Mars after 23rd April, when Mars will enter into Pisces sign, to offer you an upper hand everywhere.

The association of four planets, the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Venus, and Rahu in Pisces sign, from 10th to 13th April, may offer you excellent opportunities to push you towards career growth. Mercury will rise on the 19th of this month, which could be a boost to your professional matters. Planet of ambition Ketu is present there, in your career house, to your advantage and ensures good days ahead.

Capricorn April Horoscope:

Valentine’s Day CapricornThe Sun will be there in your fourth house, from the 13th of this month, to become exulted and offer you new opportunities in the arena of work. Planet Jupiter is present in fiery sign Aries, to create an auspicious ‘Yog’ and bless you with good luck and prosperity. You are supposed to take care of your family issues as the presence of your sign lord Saturn in your second house of family and finances is a very encouraging planetary configuration for you.

April horoscope shows that the association of four planets, exulted Venus, retrograde Mercury, the Sun, and Rahu in Pisces sign, between the 10th to 13th of April, is going to create a rare ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’ in the sky, to make the scenario more beneficial for you.

The most auspicious planet for your sign Venus is going to enter into your fourth house of comforts, on the 24th of this month, to bless you with the best kind of materialistic comforts and make you happy. Combustion of Venus, in your fourth house of materialistic comforts, on the 24th of this month, is asking you to manage your affairs precisely. You may be empowered with a major responsibility to become more occupied.

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Aquarius April Horoscope:

Valentine’s Day AquariusTransit of exulted Venus through your second house of accumulated wealth, till the 24th of April, is foretelling about feel-good factor spreading in and around, to feel satisfied. However, the association of the Sun, exulted Venus and Rahu, in your second house of speech, is sounding an alarm bell for you to exercise utmost caution while interacting with senior people at home. Jupiter is influencing your income house that might invite spectacular gains, for pretty good reasons.

Monthly horoscope April indicates a transit of the Sun into His exultation sign Aries, on the 13th of this month, to join Jupiter, which is expected to bring you relief in litigation and disputes, if any. Association of the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Venus, and Rahu will create a rare ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’, between the 10th and 13th of this month, to offer you financial bliss, after passing through some difficulties.

The rising of your fifth house lord Mercury, on the 19th of April, may bring you relief from family-related tensions. Refrain from careless attitude towards your health-related matters, in view of the current planetary configuration in the zodiac. Venus will slip into a weak state of combustion on the 24th of April, to ask you to exercise caution while handling finances, anywhere.

Pisces April Horoscope:

Valentine’s Day PiscesYour sign lord Jupiter is seen associated with retrograde Mercury, in your second house of finances, till the 9th of April, which may bless you with windfall gains from unexpected corners. On the 13th of this month, the entrance of the Sun into the Aries sign attains a very powerful exulted state, which indicates the possibility of hearing good news from a member of your family.

As per April horoscope, the rising of retrograde Mercury, on the 19th of this month, is clearly predicting your efforts getting materialised and making your balance sheet well balanced. Chances of a work-related tour also indicate a sufficient flow of projects, helping you to carry on unstoppably.

Mercury is going to accompany exulted Venus, the Sun, and Rahu, in your sign only, that may bless you with windfall gains from least expected corners. It is a rare ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’, to reshape your financial equation, far more than your expectations. Combustion of Venus on 24th of April morning may give you liaisons from a distant place, to fetch potential business deals.

Venus is changing sign also, on the evening of April 24th, to enter into fiery sign Aries, in your second house of finances, predicting about increase in your wealth count. It will be wise for you to avoid rich food items, to let your metabolic system work fine, in the days of future.

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While the universe offers valuable insights for April 2024, remember, that these predictions are a roadmap. Embrace the auspicious opportunities that may unfold, and acknowledge any challenges as stepping stones for growth. The key lies in using your intuition and inner wisdom. Utilise the knowledge to make informed decisions and navigate your unique path. By staying grounded and open to the possibilities that unfold, you can transform this month into a period of profound self-discovery and fulfillment. So, step into April with a sense of curiosity and a heart filled with hope, for the universe awaits with its celestial dance, ready to guide you on your personal journey.

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