MahaShivratri 2021 Date, Time and Significance


MahaShivratri is the second most widely celebrated religious #festival observed by the Hindu people across India, to worship Lord Shiv Jee.

It is celebrated on the night of #Chaturdashi Tithi (fourteenth lunar day) of Krishna Paksha (dark lunar half) of Phalgun month of our Hindi calendar.

In different parts of India and abroad, this ‘Vrat’ is celebrated with very much devotion and zeal. In the temples of Lord Shiv Jee, people gather in huge numbers to offer water, milk, honey, curd, juice of sugarcane, etc.

On ‘#Shiv-Lingam’ after observing a day-long fast. It is widely celebrated across the globe nowadays by the devotees of Baba BholeNath.

It is believed that Lord #Shiva gets pleased if someone just put a pot full of water on #ShivLingam only. Our death comes under the jurisdiction of Lord Shiv Jee also.

If He is pleased, then He can deter one’s death also and can grant a new lease of life.

One of the most powerful deities of ‘TriDev’ Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar, the power of destruction of the world given to Him only.

This tithi is perfect for performing remedial measures for ‘Dosha’s present in one’s horoscope.

Remedy for ‘Kaal Sarp Dosha’ can also be done on this auspicious muhurta, at a Shiva Temple, to get relief.

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The Moon becomes very weak on the fourteenth lunar day of a dark lunar half (Krishan Paksha).

Lord Shiv Jee has kept the Moon, in His head to protect the Moon from dying. So, it is a very powerful #muhurat to eradicate life-threatening diseases from one’s body.

The Moon is the significator of our mind also and the Moon becomes auspicious for us by performing Shiv Pujan.

The Moon keeps on fluctuating in the sky, from day to day, to create instability in our lives. Shiv Pujan brings stability and invites prosperity to our home.

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Many of the shortcomings, that are present in the #horoscope of a native, maybe eradicated by performing Puja on this very auspicious day.

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Mahashivratri – Thursday, March 11, 2021 

मुहूर्त -

  1.  निशीथ काल पूजा समय – 12 मार्च प्रातः 00:06 से 00:55,
  2. अवधि – 00 घण्टे 49 मिनट
  3. 12 मार्च को, शिवरात्रि पारण समय – प्रातः 06:34 से दोपहर 03:02
  4. रात्रि प्रथम प्रहर का पूजा समय – 11 मार्च शाम 06:27 से रात्रि 09:29 तक,
  5. द्वितीय प्रहर का पूजा समय – रात्रि 09:29 से मध्यरात्रि 00:31, (12 मार्च ),
  1. रात्रि तृतीय प्रहर का पूजा समय – प्रातः 00:31 से 03:32 तक , 
  2. चतुर्थ प्रहर का पूजा समय – प्रातः 03:32 से 06:34 तक, 
  3. चतुर्दशी तिथि प्रारम्भ – 11 मार्च 2021 को दोपहर 02:39 बजे से,
  4. चतुर्दशी तिथि समाप्त – 12 मार्च 2021 को दोपहर 03:02 बजे

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