Last Annular Solar Eclipse of the Year

Solar Eclipse begins at 08.00 am and will end at 13.36 pm, visible throughout India

Annular view of this eclipse will be visible in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and southern part of Karnataka, whereas rest areas of India will experience it as partial solar eclipse.

Expansion of beginning of this eclipse :

Solar Eclipse begins : 08.00 am

Annular Eclipse begins : 09.06 am

Maximum of Eclipse : 10.48 am

Annular Eclipse ends : 12.29 pm

Solar Eclipse ends : 13.36 pm

Effect of this Solar Eclipse on Different Signs :

This annular solar eclipse is taking place in Sagittarius sign and Moola nakshatra. So, the natives of this Moon sign and nakshatra should exercise precaution to stay protected from unwanted results.

Aries : The Sun rules your fifth house of children and might give adverse results for them. Mental tension may come from an unexpected corner. You should maintain your social reputation and status.

Taurus : Your opponents might take an upper hand to flop your ambitious plans and work strategies in office. Do not take anything casually to sustain in struggling situation.

Gemini : Health problem may occur to your life partner, because this eclipse is happening in your seventh house. Take proper care and precautions to keep the situation under control.

Cancer : This eclipse might bring mental tension for you as it is taking place in your sixth house of disputes. Someone senior to you may create hurdles on your way towards success.

Leo : Fruitless travel and undue expenditures might be there to your disappointment. If you are expecting any result, that could be negative also.

Virgo : This transit will remain normal, as usual, for you. Wait for some time to finalise any deal of properties.

Libra : Avoid taking up any travel, short distance or even long one, to stay safe. No major or minor effect will be there on you.

Scorpio : Take care while handling any machine as there might be danger of accident or you may get hurt, somehow. Unsolicited expenditures might be there to disturb your financial budget.

Sagittarius : This eclipse is happening in your sign only, to advise you to take care about your studies, children, social reputation and all. Do not trust on anyone, less known or unknown to you, to stay safe.

Capricorn : This eclipse is taking place in your twelfth house of expenditures to warn that you should take calculated risks about anything important in your life. Drive carefully as you may get hurt, physically.

Aquarius : Financial gain is predicted for you to reduce the tension or financial crunch. Rest are seen all right to get you going uninterruptedly.

Pisces : This eclipse is happening in your tenth house of career to show you struggle in your projects to go through. Futile expenses, mental tension, physical discomfort and disappointment might be there to test your patience level sufficiently.

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