Kundli Matching: Why is it important before tying the knot?

Why is it important to match kundali before marriageTraditionally, we all know what marriage is!! Coming together of a man and a woman for spending an entire life with each other. But there is one different definition which is rather more interesting and pertinent: “A marriage is a combination or mixture of two elements”. One can come across this definition as one of the earliest search results if they Google the word “MARRIAGE”. Doesn’t it seem more relevant to define marriage? As both the elements can have any kinds of character, nature, trait or orientation. They would be combined or mixed or married with each other hoping a bright outcome or in our context a happy, wealthy and healthy family. Understanding of all the features of both the elements beforehand is next to impossible. But there is a rescue: the rescue of kundli matching before marriage.

A Kundli matching is reading and comparing of birth charts of the prospective bride and groom. It considers a number of parameters to predict how successful the relationship between the two individuals would be post marriage. Basically, it is 36 points or “Guna” match. More is the number of guna matched, better is the prospect of the marriage.

Matchmaking is based on 8 aspects of life and those are: Vashya, Varna, Yoni, Tara, Gan, Grah Maitri, Naadi, and Bhakut. Astrological expert can predict on almost all the significant areas of life based on them.

1. Progress of the couple: For getting into a conjugal relationship and spending a harmonious life in today’s times, it is necessary that both the spouse should have the prospect to enhance capabilities and project them. This aspect can be understood through the “Varna” number

2. Strength of love between the couple: During arranged marriages when bride and groom hardly know each other, it is quite important to understand if there would be love in the family. Grah Maitri number can predict the peace and harmony of the family after the matrimonial relationship.

3. Natural attraction between husband and wife: Vashya number can predict regarding the natural attraction between the couple post marriage

4. Prosperity after marriage: If a nuptial relationship is well arranged by matching all the aspects, there is no wonder that the couple prospers exponentially. During kundli matching, it is predicted by Tara number.

5. Sexual life and mental compatibility: Success of a married life mostly depends upon the physical and mental connection between the couple. In absence of it, no marriage can work. Astrological expert can predict it based on “Yoni” number.

6. Possibility, nature and health of children: A marriage is complete when a child becomes a part of it. “Naadi” number not only predicts regarding the possibility but also the nature and health of the prospective child. When the prospective bride and groom have the same Naadi, childbirth is difficult.

7. Prospects of any fatality based on different doshas: A dosha can sometimes prove fatal to the prospective bride and groom if it is present in the birth chart. There are different types of doshas such as “Shani dosha, Mangal dosha”. Kundli matching can help in knowing about them and one can work towards rectification beforehand.

Irrespective of the century we are in, the age we are living, the class that we belong to, we all desire a beautiful and happy family and this is the reason that kundli matching seems to be an indispensible thing before getting into beautiful and sacred marital relationship

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