Jupiter Transit: Is growth & progress assured?

The entry of Jupiter in Virgo sign on Thursday, 11 August 2016, will be very much significant as it will end the inauspicious GuruChandal Yog after 7 months, approximately, and Jupiter will come out from the unfavourable tenth aspect of planet Saturn. Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and justice, is also the significator of the financial aspects of our lives, educational pursuits of a person and is masculine by nature. He makes our life comfortable by providing us appropriate knowledge and the fine sense of right and wrong. Thus, transit of planet Jupiter into Mercury’s sign Virgo is going to be considered as an assertive phenomenon in the cosmic council of planets. This major transit indicates the reduction of negative energy in your surroundings.

Those related with educational field, banking industry and insurance industry may experience a sudden flow of potentially well business opportunities and activities. The progress in situation will bless natives with the ultimate happiness making life more comfortable and pleasurable. While being in Virgo sign, Jupiter will bestow His auspicious aspect to His own sign Pisces to increase assertiveness in the lives of the natives of Pisces Moon sign. Pisces is the twelfth sign of our zodiac and it represents expenditures, religious journeys, hospitalization and salvation of a person. Other than Pisces sign, Capricorn and Taurus signs are also going to receive blissful aspect of Jupiter. The next 13 months will remain auspicious and a growth-oriented span of time for these signs.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of our universe and it governs over growth and prosperity of the native’s life and it stands for justice also. The professions of teacher, professor, research scholar and priest are comes under the jurisdiction of planet Jupiter. Bank, financial institutions, insurance companies and big business houses are governed by planet Jupiter. Religious places, temples, holy places are also ruled by Jupiter.

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