Jupiter Direct Motion in Pisces: Know which zodiac signs will get success?

Jupiter Direct Motion in Pisces

Description of Jupiter Direct Motion in Pisces:

Most auspicious planet of our zodiac Jupiter becomes less auspicious while moving through indirect motion, being placed just opposite to the Sun. Assuming direct motion brings back His auspiciousness, again. Let’s have a look into this celestial event in watery sign Pisces.

Jupiter Direct Motion in Pisces:

The biggest planet of our solar system, Jupiter, now moving through less auspicious state of retrogression, in His own sign Pisces, is going to assume direct motion on 24th of November 2022, at 04.27 am, to regain His auspiciousness again.

Jupiter started to move via indirect motion on 29th of July 2022, while being there in this sign only, to become powerless for a period of approximately four months. Jupiter has entered into His own sign Pisces, on 13th of April, coming out of airy sign Aquarius. 

According to Indian System of Vedic Astrology, Jupiter has given the status of minister, teacher and elite class of people and matters related with knowledge as well as financial issues. Auspicious results are expected for Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius Moon sign natives.

Taurus Moon Sign:

Jupiter is the ruler of eighth and eleventh houses, to play the role of a key planet for money matters and offer auspicious results for them. Unconditional support from every corner, increase in social reputation, and all expected to arrive as a result of this transit.

Presence of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, in Scorpio sign, is another advantage for them to stay active in their social circle. Jupiter is going to create an auspicious ‘Yog’ and will help all the way, wiping out ongoing problems.

Virgo Moon Sign:

It is going to be a very pious transit to reduce the obstacles and give satisfactory results of their efforts. Appropriate presence of Saturn will be there in Capricorn sign, in fifth house of talents, creating a favourable ‘Yog’ and will help them to sort out complicated issues perfectly.

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Scorpio Moon Sign:

Those who are born with Scorpio Moon Sign is expect to experience constructive changes in their emotional relationship and financial matters seem emerging with encouraging promises.

Ongoing issues are likely to get sort out amicably, after this transit, when Jupiter will influence ninth house of luck. The Sun is also associated with Mercury and Venus, to provide favour from people in authority.

Aquarius Moon Sign:

In the case of Aquarius Moon Sign people, this transit is happening in the second house of family and finances that could widen the possibilities of getting new projects and improve financial equations, appropriately.

Long term relationships with potentially sound business associates may come in effortlessly, to let them grow visibly. So, this transit is going to be a unique one, to offer wide prospects and new avenues, to help them improve and shine.

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