Venus transit in Aquarius: Let’s see what this planetary move have in store for your zodiac sign

Venus in Aquarius 2020

The New Year is here, and it is time to start fresh, to put an end to the last year in all aspects. It is the time to pick yourself up and start a new way of living. Since, it’s a fresh beginning, the universe also works in its mysterious ways, the movements and interactions of planets bring numerous developments in our lives.

Predicted by our astrologers at StarsTell, one such major celestial event is the transit of Venus in Aquarius, which will take place on 9th January, 2020. Our astrology experts have observed Venus for many years, and its radiance has long been considered to be auspicious. Venus is breathtakingly magnificent and is the Goddess of beauty, love and fortune.

Venus transit in Aquarius

In Vedic astrology, Venus known as ‘Shukra’ and often referred to as the Earth’s twin planet. Venus represents the feminine power and has a positive impact on the lives of individuals. This planet comes with a promise of worldly pleasures, luxuries, and materialistic comfort. Experts at the best astrological site online point out that Venus remains in one horoscope for 23 days and then transits to another. This 9th January, Venus will enter into Aquarius around 4:23 am from Capricorn.

This planetary move will prove to be beneficial for three sun signs. Let’s see what their horoscope prediction has to promise.

The Venus transit 2020 will be life-changing for Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius:


The Venus transit 2020 comes with good news for the Aries. Our beloved planet of beauty will enter in the 11th house and ring the bells of good fortune. Your luck looks strong on the financial front, the transit will push you towards new ventures.

Even your love life seems to blossom with the presence of Venus in your horoscope. It is predicted that you will find a committed relationship.


Venus is going to enter in the ninth house of Gemini and will prove favorable. A lot of happiness is promised with several opportunities. Astrologers at StarsTell predict good luck in the field of career. You’ll be able to wrap up all the pending tasks.

The transit will prove beneficial and the search for long-awaited romance will end. Stars also show the chances of travelling abroad, and will help you make a fresh start.


Venus will transit in the third house of Sagittarius and will encourage hope. Your work front will remain in good shape with different opportunities. The hard work will pay off and define your success in career. This year is all about building your life professionally. Although, you need to make financial decisions with more patience and avoid overspending. Take your better half on a romantic trip and bring back the love.

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