Hillary Rodham Clinton – The Presidential Candidate: What does the Stars say?

Hillary Rodham ClintonMost deserving candidate for the post of US President, Hillary Clinton was born under Gemini ascendant and her Moon sign is Pisces, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. The most intelligent planet Mercury is ruling over her rising sign and planet of justice, Jupiter is her Moon sign lord. Ideal placement of Mercury in the fifth house of intelligence and talent, Mercury is forming ‘BudhAditya Yog’ in the trine house to place her in key positions during her political career. Association of the Sun, although debilitated, and Venus is creating another strong ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ to elevate her status and give her powerful position and assignments that are of very high importance as well as related with the security and prosperous growth of the country.

Another ideal placement of the Moon in the house of profession in the sign of Jupiter is indicating royal position and an appealing yet glamorous appearance to leave an impressive impression in the mind of people of the US. Aspect of Jupiter on the Moon is making her position stronger by the virtue of her hard work and consistency during her political career. She is also having exulted Ketu influencing the Moon to sharpen her intuition to pick the right decision at the very right moment. Her intellect and quick wit has promoted her to the position of secretary of the state of the US in the year 2009. Association of debilitated Mars and Saturn in the house of speech is responsible for her commanding as well as logical speech to leave her competitors and rivals stunned.

Jupiter is also throwing His blissful aspect to remove the inauspicious qualities of debilitated Mars. Going through the main period of the Moon, Hillary is now under the sub period of Jupiter that is predicting her elevation to the supreme powerful position of her country. Moon-Jupiter sub period has started from November 2015 to be continued till March 2017. When the Moon joins Jupiter it forms a very powerful Yog called ‘GajKeshri Yog’. Elephant is called as ‘Gaj’ in Hindi language, which is the biggest vegetarian animal and Lion is termed as ‘Keshri’ in Hindi language, which is the king of the jungle. This ‘Yog’ depicts the most powerful position on earth to rule over all. In addition to these assertive factors, in transit also, Jupiter has just changed His sign and moved in to Virgo sign to influence the house of profession in the horoscope of Hillary Clinton to give her a boost in the presidential race. Another strong planet Saturn is currently transitting through the house of luck from her Moon sign to extend support from unexpected corners and make her dream of becoming the US President a reality.

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