Happy Birthday Janhvi Kapoor: We wish you a good Career and success!


Description of Janhvi Kapoor:

Born on 6th of March 1997, Janhvi Kapoor is a Capricorn native by Moon sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Matured planet Saturn is her ruling planet, occupying Pisces sign, along with Ketu, in third house of her Moon chart.

Let us view his life from the Astrological Angle!

Combust condition of Mercury and Venus, associated with the Sun, is going to be a blessing in disguise for Janhvi Kapoor to let her rise significantly in her career in silver screen. 

Association of the Moon and debilitated Jupiter, in Capricorn sign, is creating ‘GajKeshri Yog’ and ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ also, to make her honest, gracious, perfectionist in everything and bold by nature.

In her horoscope, Cancer sign comes in the seventh house of social repute and placement of the Moon in Capricorn sign is an advantageous ‘Yog Kaarak’ placement of planets for her, to create auspicious vibes and bless her with abundance of fortune, name and fame.

Her Moon chart is having an exchange of houses between Jupiter and Saturn, to stay transparent in her dealings. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are placed together in second house of family and finances, in Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn, to give her sharpness of brain.

But mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn is asking her to avoid direct confrontation with anyone, to make her path of progress significantly smooth.

Lord of her tenth house of career Venus is going to be exulted in next sign Pisces, which is creating an excellent possibility of great fame in her favour. The Sun is associated with Mercury to create ‘BudhAditya Yog’ which is known for excellence of brain, blessing her with perfection in her performances.

Divine aspect of the most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter, is also there in her fifth house of talents, seventh house of social reputations and on her ninth house of luck also, to surround her with an assertive aura and favourable circumstances.

Mercury is the ruler of her ninth house of luck, in her birth chart, placed in association with the Sun and Venus, to create an auspicious ‘Yog’ reconfirming her worldwide fame because of her ‘out of the box’ acting skills and talents.

Talking about her current MahaDasha and AntarDasha sequence, Rahu/Ketu sub period is going to continue till February 2024, to polish her talents, ensuring unexpected success and steady growth during the next phase of Venus.

Next, sub period of Rahu/Venus will be operational for 3 years, that will be the best phase of time for her career enhancement because of Venus is ideally placed in Aquarius sign. She is expected to leave her competitors far behind to claim the foremost position in the industry.

Sub period of Rahu/Venus will be operational till February 2027. On the other hand, main period of Rahu will remain in effect till August 2030, to write her success story in a completely different language, leaving others surprised.

However, during the sub period of Rahu/Moon she should stay alert about her social standing, as the Moon rules the seventh house of social reputation in her horoscope.

The Moon and Rahu does not maintain a friendly relationship with each other in the council of planets. So, remaining careful in her personal as well as romantic relationships is clearly advisable during this sub period, from January 2028 till July 2029.

Her inclination towards philanthropy will grow more during the main period of Jupiter as Jupiter is a planet, who pushes us towards religious pursuits and spirituality.

We wish her all round success in her upcoming movies and ambitious ventures!!

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