Direct motion of Mercury in Gemini

Direct motion of Mercury in Gemini

Direct motion of Mercury is the second fastest moving planet of our cosmic council of celestial bodies that has the capacity of delivering results swiftly.

Mercury rules our intelligence as well as general health and wellness also.

Being the nearest planet to the Sun, Mercury keeps on changing His motion very frequently.

One of the most auspicious planets of our zodiac, Mercury, is assuming direct motion on 12 July, at 13.54 pm, to become more assertive and beneficial for us.

The retrograde motion of Mercury started from 18 June, 10.25 am, to reduce the auspiciousness of intelligent planet Mercury.

At the time of assumption of direct motion, Mercury will be there in His own sign Gemini with the Sun and Rahu.

Mars and retrograde Jupiter are throwing their aspects to bestow mixed results.

It mentioned in our Ancient Classic Astrological Texts that when a naturally benefic planet starts moving through indirect motion,

it becomes an inauspicious result giving one.

Hence, Mercury will become an assertive result giving the planet while moving through the direct motion of the sky.

The effect of this transit will remain different from signs to sign and there will be an impact of other transitional phenomena

also determine the result a person would experience in his or her life.

A word of caution is there for the natives of Gemini Moon Sign as joint transit of the Sun and Rahu, in their sign only will not be so cordial for them.

They should remain alert in their property-related matters. Proper care should exercise to maintain good health conditions.

The natives of Virgo Moon Sign advised moving cautiously while dealing with seniors or valuable clients.

Relationship with friends might strain because the transit of the Sun and Rahu together with mercury

is not a very assertive combination of planets formed in the tenth house of career.

The mother’s health might get adversely affected because of the association of Ketu and retrograde Jupiter in the Sagittarius sign.

Capricorn Moon Sign people may experience good results in relationships with family members and financial matters supposed to take proper care for safety.

Although Saturn is the ruler of this sign, and currently transiting through this sign only which is indicating a good time for them.

And the aspect of Mars and retrograde Jupiter in the expenditure house considered as a good transit anyway.

Adopt a flexible attitude with family-related issues and make your stand acceptable to everybody in the room.

It seems to be a financially lucrative transit for the natives of Aquarius Moon Sign as

this transit is taking place in the fifth house of talent for their delight.

Saturn, being the ruler of the sign and placed in the twelfth house to increase your connection with people in distant places.

Multiple opportunities seen available for them to encash them properly.

Students studying in the technical line supposed to score well because of the direct motion of Mercury in the fifth house of higher education.

For the effects of this transit on the natives of the rest of the Moon signs, click here.

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