Compatibility of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh

deepika padukone & ranveer singh

Born on 5 January 1986, Deepika Padukone is having Rahu present in her Aries ascendant, as per available horoscope, and Ketu in her Libra Moon sign to bless her with artistic talent and by the virtue of ‘Budhaditya Yog’ and ‘ChandraMangal Yog’ in her horoscope, she will be able to showcase fineness of acting talent in her career in film industry during the main period of Saturn. This phase has started from May 2012. Main period of Saturn goes on for 19 years to script a long lasting era of superb acting saga.

Ranveer Singh was born, on 6 July 1985, with Aquarius Moon sign, which is ruled by planet Saturn. Saturn gives success through hard work. The natives of Aquarius sign possess inborn talent of excellence in any subject of substance. As per available horoscope of Ranveer Singh, Virgo is his ascendant, ruled by intelligent planet Mercury. So, it can be said that intellectual abilities are perfectly blended with hard working attitude to touch the top of success in his professional field.

Compatibility between Deepika and Ranveer seems superb as both of their Moon sign lords, Venus and Saturn, are friendly by nature to create perfect chemistry between them on silver screen. Venus stands for wide name and fame through artistic talent and Saturn gives long lasting impression over mass people which is earned by hard work only.

There is enough news comes out in the media from time to time about close proximity of this couple off screen. Media people keep on guessing about their long term emotional tie and strength of the romantic bond they continue to share between them. Rashi lord of Ranveer Singh, Saturn, is friendly with the rashi lord of Deepika Padukone, Venus. Moreover, their nakshatra lord is the same planet, Rahu, to produce psychological intimacy between the couple. So, astrologically it can be said that if they decide to get married in future, the alliance will be a long lasting one by the grace of almighty God.

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