Compatibility between Gemini and Leo

Compatibility between Gemini and LeoA Gemini and a Leo make an energetic pair. Once they come together in a love affair, they create a playful relationship. A Gemini finds the creativity and dramatic spirit of a Leo partner very attractive. A Gemini and a Leo share genuine warmth between them. Both love to be adventurous and make sure that ‘fun’ is always in their menu of togetherness. Conversation between a Gemini and a Leo is always of an interesting nature.

What seems like a stumbling block in their relationship is the varied interest of a Gemini which may often ignites jealousy in a Leo. Besides, the razor sharp tongue of a Gemini may easily hurt the fragile ego of a Leo partner. But if they are aware of their own flaws and keep a check on the same, they can make one of the best zodiac matches.

The mythological Royal Leo loves to be adored while the archetypal communicator, Gemini excels at flattery which can make a Leo feel on top of the world. The wit and energy of a Gemini partner enchants the Leo. A match of boundless energy and high spirits, a Leo and a Gemini are meant to be together.

Compatibility between a Gemini Man and a Leo Woman

The compatibility between a Gemini man and a Leo woman is of boundless energy and high spirits. The pair loves to be the centre of attraction. Socializing with others is another common trait between a Gemini man and a Leo woman. A Gemini man never gets bored with his Leo woman. If the Leo woman is not reluctant to shrug her suspicious nature and if she provides enough space to her Gemini partner, this relationship can work out pretty well. Besides, if the Gemini man avoids exhibiting his flirtatious tendencies, he can easily gain affection from his Leo partner which will tend to make the relationship interesting without any room for boredom. Above and all, if the Leo woman showers her Gemini man with unconditional affection and keeps a check on being jealous, this match will thrive and make other pairs envious.

Compatibility between a Gemini Woman and a Leo Man
Astrology predicts a fair compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Leo man. Getting socialized or mingling with others is a common trait between a Gemini woman and a Leo man which makes it easier for their relationship to work out at the flick of a finger. A Gemini woman loves the funny sense of humour of her Leo man. On the other hand, her Leo partner admires her adventurous zeal making the relationship more intriguing. There is passion and romance in the relationship of a Gemini woman and a Leo man. If they do not stand on the opposites side of the road and keep on complementing each other, the match between a Gemini woman and a Leo man will always work wonder.

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