Astrological Tips to stay Positive

Astrology Tips to Stay Positive

Our MIND is the most important key factor in providing us NEGATIVITY or POSITIVITY in life, body & mind and you all know that in Astrology “MOON” represent our mind and it works as satellite.

All thoughts and day to day reactions are processed in mind and accordingly feeling of being POSITIVE or NEGATIVITY develops in once life.

“JYOTISH” is a “Viddha” which facilitates right direction during some problem or when some one is going through negative period.

Astrology work is to develop POSITIVE thinking in an individual and how to develop this thinking and stay positive can be done by following these simple ways stated underneath.

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Some Following Tips:-

1. Positive Energy is present all over around us but as our FIVE elements (PANCH MAHABOOT) is not properly balance that’s why we are unable to make use of this Positive Energy.                                                                                                                    So take help of a good astrologer or Vaastu Shastri and get analysis of all your five elements (AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE & EATHER) in your Natal Chart, house and office.

2. In an individual chart 4th house and 4th lord are very much responsible for HAPPINESS or giving POSITIVITY so any affliction on both of them will deprived you from being Positive and Happy.

3. Feeling of being Positive OR Negative is question of mind; so MOON becomes very important and its dignity is to be taken proper care in once Chart, along with Saturn, mars and ketu planet.

4. Consumption of “ASHWAGHANDHA” according to Ayurveda surely promotes Positive feeling in once life.

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5. Applying “SAFFRON” tilak and consuming it with milk helps planet “SUN” bless you with Positive vibration in life

6. Another best way to create positive vibes in ones life is to CHANT once DEITY’S name or his “GURU MANTRA” provided by his Guru.

7. Perform Sewa concerned to the afflicted planets which are causing negativity in your life. Respect your elders and take guidance from them time to time this will surely facilitate positivity in your life.

8. Meditation, Yoga, Pranyam, Surynamaskar offering water to “SUN” God along with reciting of Adityahradayastroota is one of the best way to promote Positiveness in once life.

9. Prepare a “DHOOP” or “DHUNI” of Guggul, kati dhoop, Lalchandan, Jatamashi, Bhoojpatra, Sughandbaala, Sughandkokilla and teeshu pusp and gurch.                                                                                                                                                                              And use it in your office home or work place on Sunday, Tuesday will promote POSITIVE environment in your life.

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10. CONSUMPTION of Brahmi and Alma in daily life gives a lot of positive feeling in mind and body. Astrology Stay in happy and motivated environment.

11. To create positive energy one should Astrology establish ( prathisthit) “YANTRA” after doing SOODHASUPCHAR poojan and PRAN PRATHISTHIT by some knowledgably Vedic Aacharya in your place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Yantra like SHREE YANTRA, VAASTU YANTRA, LAXMI YANTRA, and NAVGRAH YANTRA should be establishing.

12. One should make or put “SWASTIK” “SUBH LAABH” “VANDANWAR” “OM” at entrance of his office home or work place. Also RANGOOLI is also one of the best way to attract positive energy in your life.

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13. Every one should visit temple of “ISSTA” dev or god regularly to attract Positiveness in once life.

14. Clean your house in early morning and wipe floors with water and salt this also removes negative energy and facilitates POSITIVE energy.

15. You can place “FITKARI” in your home especially in bathroom to attract positive energy.

16. Do AARTI with CAMPHOR frequently at your living place surely creates positive environment.

So if you want to be successful person full of positive thoughts and environment and want to attract POSITIVE ENERGY just follow the above simple methods and stay happy and Positive in your day to day pursuits. Explore Our Instagram

For more information Call at +91-85 8800 9900 or Contact Astrologer Online

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