Astro Remedies as per your Sign!

Astro Remedies as per your SignLife shows us a lot of hardships, tough time and adversities. At some moments, we surrender to any kind of remedies, super natural knowledge and people who seem to be capable of helping us. A Korean proverb says: “At the end of hardship comes happiness”. But sometimes the hard times almost break our moral strength.

The best way to reach a solution is by understanding the core of the problem. So to say, by judging and evaluating all the aspects related to it: who is having problem, what kind of person she or he is, what kind of challenges she or he is facing, only then one can easily pick the appropriate remedies. Astrology does it in the same logical manner. As it defines the personality, traits based on the zodiac sign, it defines customised remedy for all the signs.

ariesAries (22 March – 20 April): Fiery and moveable sign Aries is ruled by energetic planet Mars, a planet of energy, passion and leadership qualities. Being a fiery sign, Arians are pioneering, adventurous and courageous. To boost the flow of positive energy: they should enjoy ‘red’ coloured foods e.g., red meat, red wine, red chillies, strawberries. They should participate in any kind of competitive activities, acting spontaneously on a good and noble idea. They should wear something of red colour in their clothings.




taurusTaurus (21 April – 21 May): Earthy and fixed sign Taurus is symbolised by ox and its colour is olive green, a colour of comfort, life and nature. So, Taureans are patient, practical, persistent, placid and comforting. To bring positive energy, Taureans should sing merrily. They should nurture some plant in their garden, should think assertive about them, and buy something considered as luxurious item.




geminiGemini (22 May – 22 June): Airy and dual sign Gemini is symbolised by twin, a couple and represents communication, quick-wittedness and good reasoning capacities. Geminians are intellectual, versatile and adaptable. To ward off negative energies, they should wear anything of blue colour, should go for swimming in streams and should engage themselves in long chat with good friends of them.




cancerCancer (23 June – 23 July): Watery and moveable sign Cancer is symbolised by crab and represents reflection, imagination, nurture, protection. So, Cancerians is intuitive, imaginative and protective. To get remedy to ward off negativity around them, they should wear white coloured clothes and/or silver jewellery, spend quality time with old friends, have a leisurely walk by the river bank, and participate actively in religious and spiritual congregations.




leoLeo (July 23 – Aug 21): Fiery and fixed sign Leo is symbolised by lion and represents success, splendour, wealth, wisdom, confidence and achievement. So, Leo natives are generous, expansive, loving, pompous and bossy. As an astrological remedy for bypassing the negativity, Leo people should wear gold and other precious metals, watch the rising Sun, spend time in sunshine and contribute towards some good cause.




virgoVirgo (Aug 22 – Sep 23): Earthy and dual sign Virgo is symbolised by belle and represents earth, service, modesty and fertility. So, Virgo natives are modest, helpful, perfectionist and reliable. To boost their positive energy during easy and hard times, they should not lose patience and never hurt others by speaking harsh words. They should volunteer or give services to their favourite charity. Wearing clothes of yellow colour will also be helping for them.




libraLibra (Sep 24 – Oct 23): Airy and moveable sign Libra is symbolised by a balance and represents fairness, placidity, good taste and diplomacy. This is the reason Librans are idealistic, diplomatic, urbane and charming. To work on reducing their negative energy around, they should have green vegetables and food items. They should learn to stay in an assertive frame of mind, and ensure that they are having their work-life balanced.




scorpioScorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 23): Watery and fixed sign Scorpio is symbolised by Scorpion and represents secrecy, deep-rooted emotions, strength, inborn talent and courage. So, Scorpions are talented, determined, forceful, powerful and passionate. To get their energy flow constructively, they should show their passion to their loved one. They should visit places where their spiritual energy gets enhanced. Wearing clothes of magenta colour will also help.




sagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22): Fiery and dual sign Sagittarius is symbolised by justice and represents hope, freedom, knowledge, honesty, going beyond boundaries. So, Sagittarians are freedom loving, philosophical people. As an astrological remedy, they should eat plenty of orange coloured foods such as carrot, orange etc. They should plan trips and always learn something new from unknown people.




capricornCapricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20): Earthy and moveable sign Capricorn is symbolised by goat and represents hard work, responsibility, discipline, punctuality and dependability. So, Capricorn natives are patient, careful, reserved, practical and hard working people. For continuous flow of positive energy and warding off evils of negativity, Capricorn natives should emphasize their immediate goals and work hard on it, tirelessly. They should always speak the truth and support those who do the same. They should identify reasons to be happy and live life freely. Wearing sky blue coloured things will help to purify their aura.




aquariusAquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19): Airy and fixed sign Aquarius is symbolised by earthen pot and represents innovation, idealism, independence, effortfulness and ideation. This is the reason why Aquarians are friendly, humanitarian, innovative and intellectual. For flowing of the positive energy uninterruptedly, they should have intimate discussion with their loved one. They should discuss new ideas with like-minded people. They should reward themselves if they complete something within specified time span. Wearing anything of turquoise colour will give a boost to their moral courage and spontaneity.




picesPisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20): Watery and dual sign Pisces is symbolised by a pair of fishes and represents extreme fantasy, sensitivity and imagination. So, Pisceans are intuitive, selfless, religious minded and unworldly. To accelerate their positive energy, they should read or write poetry. They should take part actively in religious ceremonies and attend spiritual discourses. They should also contribute monetarily in the religious cause. They should offer care to patients in hospitals. Wearing violet coloured clothes will help to clean their aura and open the charkas.




Astrological experts say that we can have an excess out of our personality traits or a lack of it. In any such cases, it becomes extremely difficult for us to handle our own selves. Astrological remedies help to understand the sources of positive energies of each of the zodiac signs and also how to balance the excess of the personality traits within us which might lead to ease a hard time.

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