Astro Analysis of 9 minutes of Lighting a Lamp in Your Balcony at 9 PM

Astro Analysis of 9 minutes of Lighting a Lamp in Your Balcony at 9 PM

Libra ascendant will be rising in the eastern horizon at 9 pm on 5 April. Ascendant lord Venus is occupying the Sun’s nakshatra Krittika, in Her own sign Taurus, in eighth house from Libra ascendant. Eighth house signifies our longevity and spiritual side of our lives. So, it could bring in support from Almighty to help us to counter the current situation appropriately. Placement of the Sun in sixth house of diseases, in friendly sign Pisces, indicates eradication of diseases or struggling atmosphere around. However, divine aspect of Jupiter is there on Venus to increase the auspicious results of Venus. Venus indicates comfort, luxury and well being of us. In addition to this, the Moon, another luminary planet of our zodiac, will be transiting through Leo sign, again ruled by the Sun. At that time, the Moon will be in PoorvPhalguni nakshatra, which is governed by Venus. So, this planetary configuration shows a very significant importance between light and us.

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Lighting a lamp, of mustard oil or deshi ghee is sure to cleans the aura surrounding us to help to restore vitality and increase immunity power. If one lamp is lit from every home in our country, purification of air will be done in a mass scale, paving the way to make us energetic as well as strong enough to fight this never before situation successfully. So, it is not a random decision or anything superstitious. On the other hand, it is the day of Pradosh Vrat, which is observed to please Lord Vishnu, to ensure wellness in our life. Lord Vishnu is the observer of the universe, and the most important one among Tridev, Lord BrahmaJee and Lord Maheshwara.

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