Adhik (Purushottam) Maas

Adhik (Purushottam) Maas-Hindu calendars

In India, two types of Hindu calendars are there in practice. One is the lunar calendar and the other one is the solar calendar. A lunar month consists of 29.5 solar days and a solar month completes in 30, or sometimes, in 31 days. So, a reasonably big gap of 11 days generated every year between the lunar calendar and solar calendar. After 3 years, it accumulates as a month, equivalent to other regular months, to comply with the solar calendar, simultaneously. Discuss your issues with an Astrologer

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This extra month in the Hindu lunar calendar is called ‘Adhik Maas’, ‘Purushottam Maas’, or ‘Mal Maas’ also. Performing any kind of auspicious ceremonies like thread ceremony, marriage, house warming ceremony, establishing idol of deities, etc., are strictly prohibited during this month. But, there are provisions in our Hindu Scriptures to observe fast, chanting prayers, recite mantras, perform havans, giving alms to the poor or enable people to minimize the inauspicious effects of this month. In fact, one can perform as many religious rituals as they can, because this ‘Purushottam Maas’ comes only after a gap of 3 years. In the year 2020, Hindu lunar calendar year 2077 Vikrami Samvat, this ‘Adhik Ashwin Maas’ is going to start from 18 September 2020 and will continue till 16 October 2020. Instant Astrology Consultation with Expert Astrologers

Adhik (Purushottam) Maas

Lord Vishnu gave His name to this month to make it a most significant one for ordinary people to let them have a chance to get rid of their sinful acts, done knowingly or unknowingly in their lives, by performing ‘Jaap’ or ‘Paath’ of religious hymns. Recitation of ‘ShreeVishnu Stotra’, ‘ShreeVishnu Sahasra Naam’, ‘Shree Suktam’, ‘Purush Sukta’, etc., is very much advisable during this month to reduce the load of sins and bad ‘Karma’s of our life. Chanting of ‘Shree Purushottam Mahatmya’ daily, at a fixed time, is also advised by the ancient sages. Giving items like molasses, whole wheat, ghee, clothes, sweets, munakka, banana, pumpkin, Armenian cucumber, and radish as ‘Daan’ with the recitation of mantras, to any Pandit jee, with Dakshina, is suggested for people to get purified from the effects of their sins and bad deeds. Ask your question and get an answer on your email

Recitation of 33 names of Lord Vishnu is highly advisable during this month to please Him appropriately: 1. Vishnung, 2. Jishnung, 3. MahaVishnung, 4. Haring, 5. Krishnang, 6. Adhokshajam, 7. Keshavang, 8. Maadhavang, 9. Ramang, 10. Achyutyang, 11. Purushottam, 12. Govindang, 13. Vaamanang, 14. Shreeshang, 15. ShreeKrishnang, 16. VishwaSaakshinang, 17. Naaraayanang, 18. MadhuRipung, 19. Aniruddhang, 20. TriVikramam, 21. VaasuDevang, 22. JagadYoning, 23. Anantang, 24. SheshShaayinam, 25. Sankarshanang, 26. Pradyumnang, 27. Daityaring, 28. VishwatoMukham, 29. Janaardanang, 30. DharaVaasang, 31. Daamodarang, 32. Maghaardanang and 33. ShreePating cha


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