7 Best Astrological Tips to enhance your Good Luck

7 Best Astrological Tips to enhance your Good Luck

The Sun is the sole energy giver of our universe. Performing ‘Surya Namaskaar’ every day,

in the morning time, helps to incur assertive energies within us and makes us determined to attain success in life.

If doing this every day is not possible, then offering water from a copper pot could be performed on Sunday to enhance the power of the Sun.

The Moon is the representative of our minds.

And the Moon is responsible for creative ideas, emotional thoughts in us, attachment with near and dear ones.

The Moon is the fastest moving planet of our universe. Meditation is advisable to have control over the mind.

Worshipping Lord ShivJee on Mondays is helpful to minimize the fluctuations of the Moon.

Mars is the planet of energy and vitality.

Commander-in-chief is the position Mars holds in the council of planets.

Aggression and restlessness both come under the jurisdiction of planet Mars.

Worshipping Lord Hanuman Jee on Tuesday helps to compose the energy within us and drive us steadily towards our goal of life.

Prince of the planetary council, Mercury, signifies our intelligence and sharpness of mind.

Childish nature is the special quality of Mercury, besides innovative ideas and flair in art and creation.

To control the mobile nature, one should chant Durga Chalisa on Wednesdays to enhance the power of concentration.

Wearing anything of green color, on Wednesdays, also helps to invite auspicious vibes in and around us.

Jupiter enjoys the position of minister in the council of planets. Knowledge, financial bliss,

respectable position and accumulation of anything big come under the jurisdiction of Jupiter.

Love for justice and obstinate nature are the other sides of the coin of Jupiter.

Giving anything of yellow color as ‘Daan’ on Thursdays of bright lunar half helps to increase the assertive results of Jupiter to stay blessed in life. 7 Best Tips

Luxury, comfort, and nature of enjoying life to its highest extent come by the influence of an assertive Venus.

Art, creativity, thinking out of the box is the other qualities that Venus injects within us.

Although Venus is also given the status of a minister in the zodiac, Venus is known as the Guru of demons.

To make Venus an auspicious result giving planet, one may chant Lakshmi Suktam,

on Fridays to ensure affluence and uninterrupted flow of life.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet of the council of celestial bodies.

Hard work, punctuality, discipline, and spirituality are the auspicious results of Saturn.

On the other hand, Saturn puts us into miserable conditions to increase our load-bearing capacity

as well as to purify our soul from the effects of ‘Karma’.

Worshipping Goddess Kali Mata on Saturdays makes Saturn pleased to help us to progress step by step,

slowly but steadily. 7 Best Tips

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