What is Gaj Kesari Yog? How it affects you

Gaj Kesari Yog

What is Gaj Kesari Yog? How it affects you

Known as one of the most powerful wealth producing ‘Yog’, ‘Gaj Kesari Yog’ is formed when the Moon and Jupiter are together in any sign or placed in ‘Kendra’ houses to each other in a horoscope.

It proves to be best of its kind when the Moon and exulted Jupiter are placed together in Cancer sign in a person’s birth chart. Apart from this, if the Moon is exulted in Taurus sign and Jupiter is occupying anyone of Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius signs, then also it would be a strong type of ‘Gaj Kesari Yog’, that is capable enough to shower the native with abundant wealth and powerful position in the society.

It has wide impact in our lives as far as finances and possessions are concerned. ‘Gaj’ is elephant called in Hindi language, which is the biggest and powerful animal among herbivorous animals and lion is known as ‘Keshari’ in Hindi language, which is the king of the jungle.

So, named over the combination of these two powerful creatures, this ‘Yog’ can bless a person with tremendous wealth and prosperity to let him/her enjoy his/her life with power, prestige as well as highest degree of social repute.

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Many wealthy business tycoons are having this ‘Yog’ present in their natal chart, to allow them to amass handsome amount of fortune by their efforts and foresightedness.

The Moon is the governing planet of our mind and Jupiter is the significator of knowledge and wisdom. Whatever we want to create or do in our life, it appears in our mind first.

Then we use our knowledge and wisdom to find out the best feasible ways to materialise it in actual reality. So, perfect proportion of mental excellence as well as wisdom is necessary for a person, to rise high in the ladder of success.

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