Transit of Venus in Libra Sign


In our Indian System of Vedic Astrology, it is considered as an auspicious result giving transit when a planet occupies His/Her own sign. On 1st September 2018, Venus has entered into Libra sign at 23.28 pm to stay here till 1st January 2019, 20.39 pm. Libra sign is the ‘MoolTrikona’ sign also to offer positive results. Although Venus will become retrograde on 6th October, 00.34 am to transit through retrograde motion till 16th November, 16.22 pm. Usually, Venus remains in a sign for 28 days, but, in this case, She will be here in Libra sign for 4 months. It is going to remain auspicious transit to deliver favourable results to the natives of Gemini and Capricorn Moon signs. This transit will also remain auspicious for the natives of Aquarius Moon sign as only for this Moon sign, this transit is happening in a ‘Trikona’ house, in their birth chart.



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