The Sun And His Influence On Our Lives


The Sun is the sole energy giver and the king of the planetary council of our universe. As per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, the Sun has been considered as a malefic planet by nature. However, it has also been associated with success, power, wide fame, cure for diseases, etc. If the Sun is well placed in one’s horoscope then it is considered to be very auspicious. It helps the person to rise and shine significantly in professional as well as social life also.

Now, how will the malefic Sun influence our life? Malefic effect of the Sun can influence our health adversely. It can give rise to issues like headache, indigestion, tuberculosis, high fever, eye related problems, problems related to mental health, depression, sorrow, insult and disputes.

In our horoscope, the Sun represents father, soul, male gender, eyes, liver, spinal cord, nerves, religious places, government and state machinery, etc.

Now, let us have a look into the effects of association of the Sun with other planets. The Sun, if associated with the Moon, heightens the artistic sense of an individual. Sculpture, architecture etc. are some of the areas the natives will be most interested in.

When the Sun is associated with Mars, the natives are drawn towards engineering and other fields related to energy and power generation, etc. Military, police and armed forces are the other options for the native to excel in career path.

When the Sun comes in association with intellectual planet Mercury, auspicious ‘BudhAditya Yog’ is formed. ‘BudhAditya Yog’ blesses the person with eloquence, high intelligence, good luck and ample amount of wealth. This combination helps to make the person either a writer or a research scholar. Accounts and creative fields are also good for them to pursue.

If Jupiter comes in conjunction with the Sun, then the native is conferred with a vast range of knowledge. The person may be a strong believer of God and possess the ability to preach. People who are born with this combination in their birth chart can pursue medical line or finance sector as their career.

With Venus and the Sun in combination, the native can pursue their career as a painter. Creativity will be there within the native to become famous in life. They tend to have a strong possibility of enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and other materialistic comforts of life. They can do well in the field of engineering and management also.

The Sun, if placed with Saturn, which is the slowest moving planet of our solar system, then the natives are infused with metallic technology, strong believer of God, have good sense of justice and are hard working by nature. But, this combination often prolongs the struggling phase for the native to emerge as a winner in life.

The Sun and Rahu, when shares the same sign assertively, gives possibility to travel foreign countries for government assignment and prosper tremendously in life. They are the best pick for diplomatic envoys and executor of bureaucratic missions. These people can excel in criminology also.

Ketu, if conjoins the Sun, makes the native highly spiritual and religious minded. They love to research in religious scriptures and mysterious rituals and practices of different sects and tribes to know the actual truth and reality behind them. They are good scholars to earn respect from the society because of their depth of knowledge and wisdom.

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