Sun Transit in Virgo – Effects As Per Zodiac Signs & Remedies


Description for Sun Transit in Virgo

The Sun is going to occupy earthy sign Virgo, to be associate with combust Mars and exulted Mercury, to create most auspicious ‘BudhAditya Yog’. It is considered as a good placement of planet, when a planet occupies the second house from His own sign. In the family front and financial matters, it can offer more than auspicious results.

                  The nucleus of our solar system, the Sun Transit in Virgo sign on 17th of September 2021, at 01.13 am, to join exulted Mercury and combust Mars. Virgo sign is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the Sun rules fifth house of the natural zodiac.

So, Sun Transit in Virgo is going to create an auspicious ‘Yog’ to reduce struggles, to keep the competitors behind and free from any kind of health problems.

Mars and Mercury are already transiting there in Virgo sign to be associated with the Sun, to offer assertive results and to help to move ahead with minimum problems. The Sun enjoys the position of the king in the council of planets.

So, entry of the Sun Transit in Virgo sign in the sky is not going to be a very favourable transit for people placed in high position, in general. Because, debilitated yet retrograde Jupiter and exulted Rahu will throw their aspects on the Sun from Capricorn and Taurus signs.

For the natives of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius Moon signs, this transit will remain more than favourable.

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For the natives of Aries Moon Sign, placement of the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo sign, in sixth house of competitions, is creating an auspicious ‘Yog’ to remove the troubles from their way to success.

Placement of Mars here is also creating a ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’, because of His rulership of eighth house.

For the natives of Cancer Moon Sign, placement of the Sun in third house is possible to let them undertake short distance journeys, to bestow them with success and prosperity.

The Sun rules the second house of family and finances for Cancer Moon sign natives. Placement of any planet in the second house, from their own sign, gives positive results.

Transit of the Sun through eleventh house for Scorpio Moon Sign natives yield very good results in terms of money matters, for their delight. Eleventh house lord, Mercury, is also accompanying the Sun, with sign lord Mars, to increase the intensity of this transit.

Sagittarius Moon Sign natives will have the Sun, tenth house lord Mercury and fifth house lord Mars, placed in their tenth house of profession, to let them enjoy higher position in their career front.

Being the ruler of ninth house, the Sun is creating a powerful ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ also, to assure more power and authority in their hands.

To know the effects of this transit on the natives of rest of the Moon signs, click here.

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