Star Predicts: Will the Government’s Demonetization Policy be a Success?


Star Predicts Will the Government’s Demonetization Policy be a Success28 November 2016: The position of the planets is indicating a stable situation as the Moon is present in the fixed sign Scorpio whereas the ruler of this sign Mars is transitting through Capricorn sign in its exulted position which is considered to be the most powerful position. The Moon, although debilitated, is with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn forming the auspicious ‘Chaturgrahi Yog’, thereby contributing in making the situation stable and under control. Now another surprising event that is occurring is the Cancellation of debilitation of the Moon by virtue of the exultation of Mars. Also, the formation of ‘KaalSarp Yog’ is also formed due to this transit.

The emergence of the Sun from His debilitation sign empowers the government and authorities to handle the situation more firmly and with precision. 8th November 2016, the day on which the decision on Demonetisation of old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 denomination was taken by the government , the Sun was travelling through His debilitation sign Libra. The Sun represents the government and people in authoritative positions and the entrance of the Sun in His friendly planet Mars’ sign would be assertive for the top authorities to counter the after effects of this decision more bravely and wisely. (Mars in Exultation: A Period to Reckon for the Government As Unrest in the Country is seen! Published on 5th November 2016)

Aspect of exulted Mars on sixth house of struggle and opposition, which is coincidentally Aries sign of Mars itself, indicates successful implementation of the mammoth project in due course of time. The aspect of Jupiter on planet Mars indicates assertive sign for its favour. Although Saturn is also aspecting Mars to slow the process on restoring normalcy and usual atmosphere in the country, but it will not be a limiting factor because Saturn is in combustion, means inactive or in powerless condition now from 23 November. Saturn will rise on 27 December to speed up the process of restoring the circulation of new currency throughout the country to provide the much desired relief to the general public. Coincidentally, the Prime Minister has also given a time line of 30 December to match the transit of planets in the zodiac.

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