Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Scorpio Annual Prediction 2022

Scorpio Horoscope 2022

Scorpio Horoscope 2022

Scorpio HoroscopeAn enthralling year is ready to unfold for all of you born under Scorpio Moon sign. Till 16th of January 2022, your sign lord Mars will be there in your sign only, to enhance your respect and recognition in your social and personal front.

Time during this phase will let you touch new heights and bring glory to your name and you are likely to enjoy the special honour amidst your social circuit.

Moreover, your path to progress made easy and no hurdles are likely to come your way, ever since Mars is there in your sign.

Such influence of the planet will bless you with an ability to take the right decisions at the right moment and after thorough consideration of the facts.

Presence of very powerful Rahu in your sign indicates some difference of opinion within your family and dear ones.

But, still, time will allow you to handle the situations diplomatically and successfully. Exultation of Mars from 26th of February, shows spectacular developments to let you grow more.

However, you advise having patience and cool, as this phase can make you overconfident. Those of you who desire to have a child may also blessed with one, at the end of this year.

While, entry of planet Mars in Aries sign, on 27th of June 2022, is about to initiate festivities within your family.

The year ahead also promises to remain fruitful for all those who are pursuing their education. A few unanticipated results may come up, to surprise you in the first quarter of the year.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022 – Career/Job/Education

As far as a professional front concern, the uncertainties related to your career are likely to come to an assertive end and time during this phase will make you ready to take more risks and accept new challenges.

Transit of Jupiter from 28th of July, till 23rd of November 2022, will prove a bit inauspicious for you. New avenues may open up to bring new changes in your life afterwards.

A desirable change in your profile or position or even a much-preferred shift in your place of work indicate in your chart.

Auspicious placement of favourable planets during this time will equip you to face new challenges successfully. A considerable uplift in your social standing will also seen, in and around you.

Time during this phase will facilitate strengthening your finances. Those of you who are in business can expect to amass significant profit in this year.

However, if you propose to invest your surplus funds and savings into business then time this year cautions you and suggests to seek the advice of an expert before venturing afresh.

Seeking expert guidance will only help you to reach closer to your dreams eventually! Those of you who wish to join administrative services with an intention to serve in India or abroad, can also expect success in their endeavours.

New opportunities are just about to unfold in front of you in this year. Recognition for your sincerity and hard work, which may have stood due since long, maybe achieved unexpectedly before 7th of April or after 23rd of November this year.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022 – Relationship/Family

With regards to your personal front, New Year 2022 is going to be a significant year for your relationships. A pleasant, peaceful and cordial environment is likely to surround you at your home.

Celebrations for an auspicious event at home can keep you on your toes, for a while.

For some of you, the relationship, which had gone sour in the past, may unexpectedly start getting warmer, by the time ahead.

Love and hope seen to form the basis for a happy life, in general. Hence, time will suggest you to respect, appreciate and reciprocate the tender feelings of your soul mate.

A slight intervention by someone new in your personal affairs may give fresh stir to your existing bond of love and may even cause a minor friction with your life partner.

However, owing to assertive influence of auspicious planets, you bless enough with the wisdom to handle the situation carefully and diplomatically and turn things into your favour.

Your amicable and practical approach will help to secure harmony and peace around. Overall, New Year 2022 will remain a promising year for your family ties and personal relationships.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022 – Health

For your health sector, time will not expose you to any major concern because the planet concerned with your house of health place auspiciously during this year.

However, in this year, the transit of Venus in your sign from 11th of November 2022 can give you an upper hand about your physical health but you should take special note of your body weight seriously.

Nevertheless, you advise to continue following the standard principles of health and hygiene to maintain your overall wellbeing.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022 – Lifestyles

While, on your travel front, middle part of the year i.e., during 17th of May till 27th of June 2022, retrograde transit of your sign lord, Mars, through your 7th house, indicates a pleasant trip to a religious place with your family members and dear ones.

In addition to this, a few more work-related short trips and journeys may come your way to keep you occupied. Configuration of planets, in this year, will also influence to bring a fresh spell of enthusiasm and confidence within you.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022 – Remedies

Wearing a Red Coral Stone embedded in a gold ring (or locket), in your ring finger of right hand, on Tuesday of a bright lunar half, will bestow you with abundant peace, happiness, success, fortune and prosperity during this year.

However, the stone suggested for you should weigh minimum 8.25 carats in order to ensure its efficacy on you.

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