Moles – Know what does it say about your luck!

There is utmost significance of placement of moles in our body, as per ancient ‘Samudrik Shastra’. If someone has a mole located on his or her forehead just above the nose then there is the possibility of getting huge amount of money unexpectedly. The person may have wide name and fame also in his or her life. A mole just below the eyes predicts consistent nature of the person. They do not usually leave any project midway and keeps on putting on their best efforts till the target is achieved. A mole in the cheek indicates struggling situation about financial matters and one can meet both the ends with much efforts and repeated trials. If there is a mole located in the upper or lower portion of lips then the person will surely be fond of luxurious life and of a loveable nature.

A mole placed in the area of throat denotes financial gains through marital alliance. If a mole is there in the chest region of a person then he or she will have good health and will remain lucky in life. Weight gain might be there easily with this kind of people. If a mole is placed on the ribs of the right side of the body of a person then it denotes less excellence of brain. A mole on the stomach indicates fondness of food stuff and the person will be money minded and very conscious about clothes and outfits. A mole placed in the opposite side of the heart indicates cruel nature upto a certain extent.

Placement of a mole in the right hand shows strong physical constitution and patienceful nature. A mole around the throat depicts the person as faithful, religious and having a lot of patience within him of her. A mole, if found under the eye brows, indicates long stretch of struggle for living and surviving in life. A mole placed near the hair in the left side of forehead indicates sorrow and less dependable nature of the person. If there is a mole in the left portion of forehead that indicates futile expenditures, less fame and lack of good will within his or her known circle. If a mole is found in the right side of nose, near eye, then the person will be long lived, financially strong and consistent by nature.

A mole in the left side of nose predicts misfortune, futile expenses and lack of intelligence. If a mole is found in the chest, with a hair, then the person will be knowledgeable and he or she will be having the quality of a poet. A mole on the right leg denotes vast knowledge of the person. If there is a mole in the left cheek of a person then he or she will be happy in his or her conjugal life but it brings misfortune also. A mole in the ear predicts ample amount of good luck and name and wide fame comes with the person effortlessly.

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