Kolkata v/s Rajasthan Wednesday 23 May 2018 19.00 Kolkata


Today’s match will be played between team Kolkata and team Rajasthan at 7 pm at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Scorpio ascendant will be rising in the sky at the time of starting of this match. Ascendant lord Mars is ideally travelling through His exultation sign Capricorn, in third house of efforts to put their best efforts in this match to defeat their rival team Rajasthan. The Sun is also influencing Scorpio sign to inject tremendous enthusiasm and energy in the mind of the players of team Kolkata to amass mammoth score that would become an impossible task for their rival team. On the other hand, opponent team Rajasthan is seen under the influence of the planet of perfection Venus, to let the players show their strategic game plan to compete equally during this match. But, the aspect of retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn on Venus may make them shine beyond expectation and as a result of this, team Rajasthan may be pushed towards winning the match. This situation could place team Rajasthan on an advantageous position during this match. At the end of this match team Rajasthan is going to register victory over team Kolkata in this match.

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