‘Flying Beast’ Gaurav Taneja Kundli Analysis: We wish you success and a great career!

Gaurav Taneja Kundli Analysis

Description of Gaurav Taneja:

Youtuber Gaurav Taneja was born on 9 July 1986, a Cancer native by Moon sign. As per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, he is having the perfect blend of intelligence and enthusiasm because of association of intelligent planet Mercury, with his Moon sign lord, the Moon.

Let us view Gaurav Taneja life from the Astrological Angle!

The Moon is being aspect by Mars, to inject unique talent with ample amount of energy within him. He has Venus placed in second house of speech, in Leo sign, which is indicating wide name and fame beyond the boundaries of his country.

Retrograde motion of Saturn, in fifth house of higher studies, is a very assertive point for Gaurav Taneja, to let him to acquire degrees in different branches like aviation, law and social media segment, as his ongoing Maha Dasha Period of Venus is also echoing the same thing.

Placement of Jupiter in eighth house indicates his deep level of knowledge to project him at a bigger plane?? with great amount of success. In his horoscope, retrograde Mars is forming an auspicious ‘Yog’, to offer him an absolute upper hand in life.

Fifth house lord Mars is occupying sixth house of competition. Sixth house lord Jupiter is occupying eighth house of longevity, to create Vipreet ‘Raaj Yog’.

Seventh house lord Saturn is place there in fifth house, in retrograde motion and creating ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’, aspecting seventh house of social reputation to enhance it visibly.

Most unpredictable planet of our zodiac, Rahu is occupying his tenth house of career, which is a blessing for him to create waves in the mind of masses to equip him with abundant of fortune, name and fame.

His natal chart is having the Sun placed in twelfth house of foreign connections and expenditures in airy sign Gemini to make his efforts result oriented and allows him to work on a bigger platform.

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Because of association of the Moon and Mercury, taking place in watery sign Cancer, he will be able to project an easy to accept image in every sphere of his life.

Eleventh house lord Venus is occupying second house of finances which is an excellent wealth accumulating ‘Dhan Yog’, completely in his favour. The Sun is throwing its aspect directly there on his sixth house of competition to offer him aplenty world-wide sucess.

Divine aspect of the most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter, is there on his second house of wealth, twelfth house of expenditure and on his fourth house of materialistic comforts to bless him with luxury and abundance.

Jupiter is the ruler of ninth house of luck as well in his birth chart, which reconfirms his wide fame, because of throwing divine aspect to his finance house and its lord, the Sun.

Let us know about Gaurav Taneja Mahadasha and Antardasha:

Talking about his current MahaDasha and AntarDasha sequence, main period of Venus/Rahu has started from December 2020 that has disturbed his equations of life and forced him to rethink seriously about the next course of action and to regain his domain without fail.

Venus/Rahu sub period, in effect from December 2020, is going to end in December 2023, which may be not so favourable time for him. Next, it will be sub period of Venus/Jupiter in effect to be the best time for his career because Jupiter is the most auspicious planet for him.

He will be able to grow further to write his success story in golden letters. Jupiter indulges us into philanthropy type of work, to help those people who are under privileged, living without basic amenities of life.

Saturn, retrograde in fifth house, in Scorpio sign, ruled by Mars and sub period will be next to operate from August 2026 to make his talents more result oriented.

Sub period of Venus/Saturn will continue till October 2029, to stretch his wings of success, for a longer period of time. Venus/Mercury sub-period will be the next to remain most spectacular time for him and will be in effect from October 2029, till August 2032.

Intelligent planet Mercury is the ruler of third house of efforts as well as twelfth house of foreign connections and presence of Mercury in His Moon sign Cancer that will improve his existing popularity among his fans.

But, he should remain careful in his financial matters as well as emotional relationships, as Mercury is aspecting the seventh house of social reputation in his birth chart.

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We, team StarsTell.com, wish him all round success in his personal as well as professional ventures!!

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