Know the Effect of Combustion of Saturn in Fiery Sign Sagittarius.

Saturn will slip into weak state of combustion, in Sagittarius sign, on 28th of December 2019, at 05.28 am, to become less effective in the sky. Saturn will remain in combust state till 30th of January 2020, to become powerful again, afterwards. Most significantly, the Sun, combust Mercury, combust Jupiter and Ketu are also there with Saturn to create a unique association of five planets, which is known as ‘PanchGrahee Yog’.
According to Indian System of Vedic Astrology, Saturn has given the status of servant, labour class people and matters related with mining, oil fields, production of every kind and hard work related ventures. Less auspicious results are expected for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Moon sign natives. For Taurus Moon sign, Saturn is the ruler of ninth and tenth houses to play the role of ‘Yog Kaarak’ planet for them and is expected to offer less auspicious results for them.

Less support from Lady Luck, decrease in reputation and all are expected to come in front of them as a result of this transit, asking them to play their cards cautiously. For the natives of Libra Moon sign, it is going to be a less auspicious transit to reduce the supports and give less satisfactory results of their efforts. Five more planets will be associated with Saturn, later in this month, to create unnecessary hurdles and complicated issues around.
Those who are born with Capricorn Moon sign are expected to experience sudden changes in their financial scenario and family matters are seen emerging with some complicated things. Ongoing problems are likely to get prolonged, for no valid reason. In case of Aquarius Moon sign people, this transit is happening in the eleventh house of income that could show up the possibilities of earning money but nothing will land in their kitty. The Sun and Saturn are just opposite by nature to sound an alarm bell to stay alert and cautious. So, this transit is going to be a unique one, to offer unpredictable outcomes and problems to face bravely. To know more click here.

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