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chandra Grahan

Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) is an exceptional phenomenon in the sky that mesmerizes almost all of us. From scientists to religiously inclined common people, everyone awaits for this celestial happening to witness and be thrilled. 

In scientific aspects, when earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, lunar eclipse happens. In India, it has utmost religious importance and people are very particular about it to follow certain rules and regulations, up to seven days before and after the eclipse.

Chandra Grahan – Do’s & Don’ts

Travel for any special purpose is strictly prohibited during these 14 days, according to Shastra. In addition to this, during the eclipse time, some natural acts, like eating, attending nature’s call, applying oil on body, cutting nails, sleeping and sexual activities among married couple are strictly prohibited, as per Hindu beliefs. 

Although children, pregnant women, elderly people and patients of any diseases are exempted from these restrictions. People chant mantras, hymns, perform religious acts, ‘Sadhana’s and ‘Mantra Siddhi’ during the entire period of eclipse in the sky and take bath in holy rivers after ending the eclipse. This partial lunar eclipse will be visible in entire India, European countries, Asian countries except Japan and South American countries.

As per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, it has astrological significance to affect different Moon sign natives as per the happening of this eclipse. Coinciding with ‘Guru Purnima’ this partial lunar eclipse is gaining much importance for Hindu people. 

This partial lunar eclipse is taking place in Sagittarius sign and the Moon will change Her sign during the eclipse at 03.15 am to enter into Capricorn sign. The restriction period will start from 16 July at 4.31 pm, which is to be continued till end of the eclipse. Only Libra and Pisces Moon sign natives are going to yield positive outcome from this eclipse. Gemini, Scorpio Moon sign people are expected to experience mixed results. To Know the natives of the rest of the Moon signs, consult to online astrologer 


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