The cause and effect of Karma – A Reflection

The cause and effect of Karma A Reflection “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” says Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Based on this theory, we cannot escape the reaction if we have already carried out an action. Because when we act, a force is initiated which leads to a reverse force, may be higher, lower or similar to the initial force. But its presence cannot be dispensed with.

Thinking in the same line, let us give a good thought to “Karma”. Basically Karma is a Sanskrit word which means action or work. So, if we carry out karma, there is no way to escape its effect. Interestingly cause of every experience is an effect of the actions carried out earlier. It can be perceived as law of nature and thus universal.

Peter Harvey, Emeritus Professor of Buddhist Studies defined Karma in the following words:
“It is the psychological impulse behind an action that is ‘karma’, that which sets going a chain of causes culminating in karmic fruit. Actions, then, must be intentional if they are to generate karmic fruits.”

The karmic fruits or the karmaphala is the direct result of our karma. The nature of these fruits is outcome of the morality and intention behind our action. So, when we commit mistake, the effect or intensity of punishment is based on our intentions behind it. You must have noticed that many a times, when a person who does an evil action unintentionally, escapes the heavy rage of the victim. In a similar manner, when we do something good with neutral intentions, the fruit in the form of happiness received is quite less.

Not to one’s surprise, the law of karma acknowledges effects of our thoughts along with action. This relationship can be studied with a scientific undertone too. Hormones and thoughts have mutual effect on each other. The way we think, incessantly prepares the foundation of our personality, our perspectives and the energy around us. And in turn, our personality and nature shape our future to a great extent. So, by changing our thoughts, eventually we change the world around us which aligns with Law of Karma.

According to the law of karma, nothing happens by chance or by accident. We deserve everything which we receive: Good or Bad. Our today is an outcome of our yesterday. Whatever we did in our past, is the real cause of our today’s pain or happiness and misery or prosperity. If we nurture a wish to lead a pleasant life in future, we will have to think and act in our present accordingly. Because, the law of karma wants us to learn from our past, do better in our present so as to make the best of our life in future.

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