Krishna Janmashthami – Significance & Celebrations

Krishna Janmashthami – Significance & Celebrations

Birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami Vrat across the globe by the devotees of Shri Krishna, known as ‘Vaishnava’. It is a Hindu festival, which comes on the Krishna Ashtami tithi, of dark lunar half, in the month of Bhadrapada as per our Indian calendar. This year it is going to be celebrated on 24 August midnight by the ‘Smaart’ people and ‘Vaishnava’ people will observe Janmashtami Vrat on the next day. Believers of Hindu religion and devotees of Shri Krishna observe day long fast and perform puja at midnight as it is mentioned in our ‘Shastra’ that Lord Krishna took birth in ‘Abhijit Nakshatra’ which comes in midnight time. It is a very surprising fact that the Moon remains in Her exultation sign Taurus every year on the day of Janmashtami.

cute-bal-krishna-full--wide-hd-wallpapers This phenomenon happens every year without fail. Torrential rain is another ingredient of this tithi and the Moon’s own nakshatra Rohini nakshatra accompanies Taurus sign to glorify this festival. As per our mythological scriptures, it is mentioned that Lord Krishna was exchanged with the baby girl of Yashoda and Nand Gwala to save Him from the cruel hands of Kans, the maternal uncle of Krishna and the king of Mathura. Kans was aware about the fact that the eighth child born from his sister Devki and Vasudev will kill him in due course of time. Frightened by the horror of death King Kans imprisoned both of them and brutally killed every child of them till the seventh one. Kans was a very cruel and monster like king. So, Bhagwan Vishnu decided to take incarnation, as eighth child of Devki and Vasudev, to kill him and to give people of Mathura respite from his barbaric rule.

People decorate beautiful cradle and place the idol of baby Krishna, popularly known as ‘BaalGopal’ and offer puja at midnight time with various types of milk products and other items of offerings. Preparing the scene of Mathura where Lord Krishna was born is a very popular practice by the people and they try their level best to give it an artistic touch to make it a perfect art work and pleasing to the eyes of the spectators. Depicting the scenes of various Baal Leela of Krishna is accompanied with this practice widely throughout India. Now-a-days, presence of Krishna devotees worldwide is making it an international festival to be celebrated across the globe.

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