Lucky Cat, Welcome Cat, Feng Shui Cat, Money Cat, Maneki Neki Cat, Golden Cat, Starstell Plastic Electric Waving Feng Shui Lucky Money Cat Maneki Neko Cat

Welcome Cat |  $ 101.00

Product Description
The use of the lucky cat can be compared to the use of Ganesh in Feng Shui. Both symbols are from non-Chinese cultures - the Lucky Cat is from Japan and Ganesh is from Indian culture; both symbols have become quite popular with many Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts. The name obviously comes from its posture, as the lucky cat sculpture is always depicted with an upright paw, sometimes still, and sometimes moving (if battery operated). The lucky cat is most commonly used in businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, offices open to the public; and less so in the home.The lucky cat is also often called the fortune cat and the money cat, so as you can guess it is mainly used as a wealth and prosperity cure, as well as, of course, a good luck one.
Product Features
  • Waving cat brings luck into home and business.
  • It invites money, property and wealth.
  • Sturdy and durable product, made from plastic.
  • They run on one AA battery (not included with product).
  • Size: 8.5CM * 8.3CM * 15.5CM (L*W*H).
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Welcome Cat STP-129 1 $ 101.00


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