Sagar Gopal

Sagar Gopal

Sagar Gopal

  • ...more Career, Relationship, Marriage, Health, Business, Love, Education, Foreign Travels
  • 25 Years
  • Hindi, English
  • 4.38/Min
  • Lucknow

About Sagar Gopal

A passionate astrologer, Gopal Dass a.k.a ‘Sagar Gopal’ has been teaching & practising astrology for the last 25 years. Throughout his long journey, he has taught astrology to over 300 students in a reputed institute of astrology in India.

He has degrees of Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Shastri and Jyotish Martand under his belt. He is an expert of K.P. Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology , Horary Astrology [Answering of questions without a horoscope] and Esoteric Astrology. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Lucknow University.

Passion for astrology always made him devote most of his time to learn and research with this divine science called Astrology. He has written many articles on topics of Astrology in local newspapers and his series of articles on ‘Mysteries of Chakras and Astrology’ were published in magazines like ‘Nakshatra Vani’ and ‘The Edge’. His aim in life has been to help out people with the divine wisdom of astrology through counselling.

You can get the counselling and guidance regarding the questions related to Career, Business, Marriage, Love, Family Problems, Relationship Issues, Health, Education and Foreign Travels. Also, you can be helped with Financial Astrology and Money matters.

Joining Starstell, he wants to reach out people at national and international levels to get them benefitted with their stellar energies to make the most out of their lives, and get elevated to their full potential of various aspects of life.

Yes, by understanding these Astro energies, you can make a lot of difference in your life.

So please come forward to get the help of the divine science called Astrology to make your life happy, successful and blissful.

‘The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves’ - William Shakespeare

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Yes we believe in our service and can assure you that our guidance and remedies will be helpful in bringing about some major positive changes in your life and future.


Yes. According to our policy, all the informations shared to us will be kept 100% confidential. We do not share the details of our customers with anyone.


Yes, you can depending on the availability of the Astrologer. However, to ensure that you speak to the same astrologer, you have the facility to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You can also see the availability of the astrologer online. You can also write to [email protected] to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You will get a revert within a stipulated time.


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