Ketu Yantra Locket

Ketu Yantra Locket |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Protect yourself from financial constraints and other monetary loss by wearing this locket. Besides, it will also help you to understand the wicked intentions of those around you. As per astrology, the individual who is under the adverse influence of Ketu will find difficulty in trying to achieve success. How to Use? Light a lamp in front of the locket and worship it with full faith. The oil used for lighting the lamp should be mustard oil. And offer blue or black flowers before it. This locket will be helpful in finding solutions with issues related to death, debt, litigation, loss, bone disease, arthritis etc. Chant the following Mantra to get the maximum benefit of this locket Om Sraang Sring Sraung Sah Ketawe Namah. Material:Silver Size:None Purpose:Career, Health, Success, Ketu-Remedies, Locket
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Ketu Yantra Locket LO028 1 $ 101.00


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