Pooja Thali Set

Dharmik Pooja set |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Dharmik Pooja set for Daily pooja amp; bhakti: This Dharmik Puooja set contains:TerracottaGanesh Reading Book on Asan for worshiping Meenakari PoojaThali having a steel diya, incense stick holder, small boxand a plate to keep kumkum and other itemsMeenakari Chowki8 x 8 inches to keep idol 5 incense stick packets of Jasmine,Sandal, Rose and Lavender fragrances Sandal fragrance diffuser Terracotta Om Key HolderHaldi (Turmeric), Kumkum (Vermilion), Camphor and Rice, 3 Religious Books Gayatri Mantra, Durga Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa Specialty: AdorableGanesha idol is handmade from terracotta Pooja thali isadorned with traditional Meenakari art work having itemsrequired for pooja Chowki has a wooden base which isbeautified with Meenakari art enamel Incense sticks arehandmade with natural herbal extracts and natural fragrances Diffuser is made from natural Sandal extracts with no alcohol and chemicals Om key holder is handmade from terracotta with a wooden base having 5 hooks to hang keysHaldi (Turmeric), Kumkum.....
Product Features
A complete compact religious set is here to make your pooja convenient having the necessary items required to perform a pooja. Can be used to perform pooja at home or temples Can be carried for occasions where its required Can be gifted to elders, grandparents, etc.
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Dharmik Pooja set ESHOP-0005 1 $ 101.00

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Packaging: The product will be packed with bubble paper, shredded paper and corrugated box to ensure no damage in transit. Further, if received in damaged condition, send us the photos on delivery day and a replacement will be sent immediately. 
Packet contains: Asan,Pooja Thali,Chowki,Each Incense Stick, Sandal Diffuser,Key Holder,Books and packets  1.Charges includes shipping and handling 
2.Maximum 10-15 working days delivery time across India 
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