Starstell, Chinese God of Wealth, Chinese Money God, Chinese Wealth God, Starstell Chinese God of Wealth Showpiece - 13 cm

Chinese Money God | ` 399

Product Description
Starstell presents Feng Shui Chinese God of Wealth showpiece. This showpiece is made from Polyresin material and is having glossy golden finish. This Chinese God of Wealth is given the same importance which is given to Kuber in Hindu culture. This figure of Chinese Wealth God is said to bring enormous wealth, good luck and prosperity. This is considered as the most auspicious showpiece if any body wants to gain in money matters and improves his fortune.
Product Features
  • Brings wealth and money to owner.
  • Helps in accomplishing goals to gain money.
  • Provides support of luck in money matters.
  • Helps in getting money from secret ways.
  • Changes the fortune and condition of owner.
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Chinese Money GodSTP-1991399 `


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