Rohit Sharma The Hitman : From Astrological Point of View

Rohit Sharma The Hitman : From Astrological Point of View

Born on 30th of April 1987, Rohit Sharma is a Taurus native by Moon sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Artistic planet of the zodiac, Venus is his ruling planet, which is occupying exultation sign Pisces in the eleventh house of income, with Jupiter and Rahu, in his birth chart. Association of exulted Sun and Mercury together in the twelfth house is confirming about staying in the limelight for his unique way of playing cricket, to help him to achieve fair amount of professional success. In his horoscope, Mars is placed with exulted Moon, which is a very powerful wealth-producing ‘Chandra Mangal Yog’ that creates huge wealth to bless him with abundant of fortune, name and fame.

Rohit Sharma 
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His chart is having retrograde Saturn placed in the seventh house of social reputation, in Scorpio sign, to make his social arena bigger. Foreign connections are seen as a reasonable source of revenues for him to multiply his wealth fast. Luck house lord, Saturn, is occupying the seventh house, in retrograde motion, to create an excellent ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, to widen his social arena. Exulted Sun is throwing His aspect directly there to his sixth house of competitions to leave his competitors behind. Divine aspect of the most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter, is there on Saturn, third house of efforts and fifth house of talent to protect him from negative vibes and unforeseen incidents. Mercury is the ruler of fifth house of talent as well as second house of finances to write his success story in golden letters, to ensure his wide fame because of association with the most powerful Sun.

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Talking about his current MahaDasha and AntarDasha sequence, Rahu/Moon sub period has just started, to continue till August 2021, to let him enjoy uninterrupted success in his ventures. Next sub period of Mars will be the last leg of Rahu main period, which is going to be operational from August 2021 to September 2022. Next, main period of Jupiter will be the golden time for his career because of Jupiter being the lord of income house of his chart and occupying his own sign Pisces. He is expected to experience substantial growth and wealth accumulation to register his name in the list of richest people of the country. Sub-period of Jupiter/Jupiter will continue till October 2024. Jupiter/Saturn sub-period will be followed next and will remain in effect till May 2027. Planet Saturn is the ruler of his ninth house of luck and tenth house of profession to bring steady growth in his financial equation, but, still, he should remain careful in his personal as well as emotional relationships as retrograde Saturn is placed in seventh house of social reputation. Jupiter/Mercury sub period will continue till August 2029 to bless his with the best possible outcome of his sincere efforts made during Jupiter/Saturn sub period.

We wish him all round success in his upcoming sports ventures!

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