What does horoscope of Gautam Gambhir tells about him

Born on 14th of October 1981, Gautam Gambhir is an Aries native by Moon sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Energetic planet Mars is his ruling planet, which…

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Vastu and Prosperity: Tips to bring health and wealth

The science of Vastu brings peace and prosperity in one’s life by adding value to it. Behind every Vastu tip is a profound scientific reason which makes it more plausible…

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Numerology 101: What does your phone number reveal about you?

Numbers around you exert a huge influence on you, just like your birth number and house number. But what about your phone number? According to expert numerologists at StarsTell.com, our phone numbers…

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Love Astrology

Astrology and Love compatibility: What do stars say about your love life?

Being in love can be the most beautiful feeling in the world. If you have ever been in love, you must be aware of the fact that lasting love happens…

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Marrying a Leo? Here’s all what you need to know!

If you’re in love and engaged to be married to a Leo, you must be wondering what you can expect in the marriage. While that depends upon both you and…

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Astrology and human life

Why it’s important to align your decisions with the stars? Astrology is believed to be one of the most wonderful assets possessed by the humankind, since it unfolds and reduces…

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