Crystal Ball, Feng Shui Crystal Ball, Red Crystal Ball, Hanging Crystal Ball, Starstell Vastu Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball (Red, 40 mm) with Red Thread for Positive Energy

Red Crystal Ball |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Feng Shui crystals are possibly the one cure or enhancement that people, who are new to Feng Shui, are keen to get hold of and use in the home. And its not hard to understand why.Feng Shui Crystals and gemstones have been revered over the centuries primarily for their beauty but secondly for their healing qualities and spiritual properties. Shamans and priests have traditionally made use of crystals for healing purposes and crystal healing still attracts a huge following as a way of connecting to certain properties that restore the natural balance of your body.Similarly, the use of Feng Shui hanging crystals within the home can either energize or expand the energy or correct an energy imbalance, providing an aura of calm and quiet contemplation.
Product Features
  • It helps in filling your home with positive energy.
  • If placed in the center of long, narrow hallway or foyer will slow the flow of chi down.
  • Hanging a faceted Feng Shui crystal ball above your head when you are working at your desk will sharpen your focus and clarify awareness.
  • It activates the enthusiasm, zeal and energy within to accomplish your goals.
  • It encourages the flow of positive energy " Chi " in your room and life.
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Red Crystal Ball STP-075 1 $ 101.00


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