Rahu Yantra Locket

Rahu Yantra Locket | ` 750

Product Description

Rahu Locket is best for those individuals who deal with matters related to foreign countries and politics. Besides helping in achieving success, it is also helpful in deriving major benefits which includes health and protection of the wearer from enemies and controversies.Method of Use

How to wear?

Light a lamp with mustard oil before it and offer a blue or black flower to it daily. Have faith while establishing the locket. And chant the Mantra:

Om Bhraang Bhring Bhraung Sah Rahawe Namah.

Material: Silver

Size     : None

Useability: Career, Health, Success, Rahu-Remedies, Kaalsarp-Remedies, Pitra-Dosh-Remedies, Locket

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Rahu Yantra LocketLO0601750 `


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