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Product Description

The Pi Yao is probably one of the most popular Feng Shui items in the market. Its supremacy second only to the Dragon, this heavenly creature (also known as Pi Kan in its sea form or Pi Xiu in its earthly form) is considered by Feng Shui pratitioners to both a powerful protector as well as enhancer. Resembling a winged lion, it is particularly influential and auspicious in creating and maintaining wealth. The Pi Yao may be regarded as an auspicious creature that possesses mystical power capable of drawing wealth from all directions but the main use of the Pi Yao in Feng Shui applications is as a protective cure against the negative energy. Given its multitude of positive attributes and versatility, figurines of Pi Yao are often featured prominently in large corporations such as banks and casinos whereas its smaller version is used as amulets for protection and also to usher in blessings and good fortune. As a general Feng Shui enhancer and protector, the Pi Yao can be place anywhere in your home or office, avoiding bedrooms, kitchens and toilets of course. It is also a good idea to have a Pi Yao in the living room if you are renovating your existing house or when you move into a new home to safeguard your family against bad Feng Shui. A pair of these mythical protectors positioned facing out at the main entrance will can ward off bad people and evil spirits as well as ensuring good fortune that enters your house will be trapped in the stomach of Pi Yao.

Product Features
  • Considered very popular personal protector in Feng Shui.
  • Protect against a specific type of negative energy.
  • Can ward off evil spirits and protect anyone from harm.
  • Also a good feng shui cure to attract wealth.
  • Symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
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