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Product Description
Hanumat Chowki is designed to bestow extra power to a desired place. Similarly, the Gada (weapon of Hanuman Ji) on each corner in this Hanumat Chowki consolidate the power of the idol of Lord Hanuman and make it more powerful. The positioning of idol of Hanuman Ji in the centre with Mantras of Hanuman Ji on its top and images of 5 faces of Hanuman Ji on 5 sides is added beauty. Hanumat Chowki is very popular in India because of its protective powers. Lord Hanuman is the biggest guard and Chowki also is made with the objective of guarding a place. Impact of this Hanumat Chowki gets enhanced further as it contains Hanumat Yantra too. In nutshell, we can say that the impact of this Chowki can protect a person from evil eye, black magic, bad dreams, misfortunes, enemies, imprisonment, difficulties, accidents etc., if worshipped on regular basis with full dedication and devotion by chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily. Place it at the place of worship in the house
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Hanumat Chowki BR004 1 $ 101.00


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