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Phiroja Locketlocket has a special charm. It is blessed by supernatural powers. Phiroja locket removes physical weakness and protects from dangers. Phiroja locket is made of a lucky stone, which brings the favour of Venus. It increases power of attraction in ones personality. It improves your love life, has the power of protection from several ailments, makes you bold, healthy, wealthy, friendly, affectionate and fortunate. It is popular because of its beautiful colour and powerful qualities. It is used as a protection shield by people who have to visit areas, which are politically sensitive. It is also used for accumulating wealth. It is considered very auspicious for improving love relation and marital bliss. By wearing it one can make new friends, enjoy life more. It is good for eyesight. Like all other blue stones it also brings good luck to the wearer. How to wear : It can be worn on any Friday of bright lunar half in the ring finger in a ring of Silver or in locket around the neck. Weight should be 10.25 to 10.50 rattis. Wash it with raw cow milk and then sprinkle the water of Holy Ganges on it before wearing.
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