Firoza Gem Stone Locket |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Wearing this locket will help the wearer to gain the positive influence of the Sun and blesses the wearer with success, recognition, status, power, name and fame, health, personality, favour of seniors, confidence and cures diseases like peptic ulcer, fever, rheumatism etc. It should be worn on Sunday. Chant the following Mantra should at least 108 times daily. Om Hreeng Ghrinih Surya Aditya Shreeng Material : Silver Size : Big Purpose : Career, Health, Success, Sun-Remedies, Leo-Moon-Sign, Aries-Ascendant-Sign, Leo-Ascendant-Sign, Sagittarius-Ascendant-Sign, Locket
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Firoza Gem Stone Locket LO017 1 $ 101.00


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