Starstell, Small Egg Shape Rock Salt Lamp, Cylindrical Shape Rock Salt Lamp, Starstell Small Cylindrical Egg Shape Rock Salt Lamp - 9 Inch

Egg Shape Rock Salt Lamp |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps have a similar effect to an ionizer. These Himalayan salt lamps emit negative Ions to their surroundings. Negative ions kill bacteria, purify the air, reduce radiation, increase well being amp; soothe the mind, body amp; soul. Negative ions are found naturally in nature, before Thunder Storms, at Waterfalls and wherever Nature is most pure. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp has healing ability. Millions of years ago, continents collided raising ocean beds high into the mountains of the Himalayas. The salt from those beds still remains deep inside the mountains. Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps are made up from salt that originated from oceans millions of years old, which were free from any man made contaminants. Himalayan natural rock salt is actually Ancient Sea Salt. Now-a-days, Computers and Electronic Items have become a must in our lives, along with which we are prone to health illness like depression, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, tiredness etc. This Lamp beside you can make you alert and feel happy to work all the time. Ladies suffering from smokers at home (like husband loves to smoke but the wife hates the smell) for such people this would solve the problems. For children who need concentration can keep this lamp beside them for high concentration results.
Product Features
  • Kill harmful bacterias present in the air.
  • Similar effect as that of an ionizer.
  • Soothe mind, body and soul.
  • Makes you feel happy to work all the time.
  • Helps in increasing concentration.
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Egg Shape Rock Salt Lamp STP-245 1 $ 101.00


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